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January 25, 2017
Be Still My Salvaged Heart
January 25, 2017

Before I introduce you to our newest furever family member, I took a walk down memory lane yesterday and found an interview I did with Madison Magazine back in 2013.  In it, I made a statement that I still believe:

The picture here, and in the article, is of our first retail space we opened in June 2013 in Wisconsin.  Some of you may not remember what it looked like BEFORE we got our hands on it:

I loved what we created and all of the hard work and passion that went into transforming that space, as well as our second location.  It was a life-changing experience and one I hold very dear to my heart, as I know do some of you.

I shared it on my Facebook page and Instagram account, but to read my entire interview, please visit Madison Magazine here:

I also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce a new member of our family:

Her name is Sandy and I am furever changed.  She is a 1 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd and Collie mix.  Some of you that follow on Instagram, may recall that I took in a litter of puppies to foster in November.  Within days of taking in the puppies, my old knee injury reared its ugly head and I was in excruciating pain from all of the bending required to take care of little puppies.  I was heartbroken but had to find another foster home for the sweet babies.

Later that week, we were given the opportunity to take in this girl, as her parents decided it was time to re-home her and her sister because their jobs kept them away for long periods of time and the dogs crated.  After seeing pictures of Sandy and having many family discussions about do we or don’t we, we decided to go and meet her.  She was already house-broken and trained so I wouldn’t have to do all of the bending required when you’re taking care of a litter of puppies.  After that initial meeting, we decided to bring her home for a day date the following day on Friday, November 18, to see how she got along with our Chocolate Lab and Calico kitty.  The first day was a little tricky as Sandy had never been around a cat before, so a constant game of chase ensued, of them chasing each other and me chasing them.  We then decided to keep her for the night to see how it went, which turned into the next day, which turned into the weekend, which turned in to the entire week of Thanksgiving.  Of course, by the end of the week, after the initial novelty wore off for all of the pets in the house, it became very clear that Sandy was here to stay.

Many of you know that my beloved Golden Retriever, Presley, passed away on November 9, 2015.  I suffered tremendously after her passing, as did our Chocolate Lab.  Sandy walked right into all of our hearts with ease and she has been nothing but a source of joy and laughter since.  She is my velcro dog who is never more than 2 feet from me at all times.  I doubted being able to open my heart again, but this baby girl nestled her way in just fine.  And I’m furever grateful that she is here.  As with all rescues, who rescued whom?


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