old Iron auto salvage walk around – raw footage

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June 11, 2017
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June 11, 2017


  1. usaharleydog says:

    Way cool hearse! Curious, how much was it?

  2. usaharleydog says:

    Spoke to soon! the vw shorty bus is me! I got to know what he was asking for that! Im callin'!

  3. @usaharleydog i didnt price anything.. was just looking around

  4. ncautoman57 says:

    That was is SC wasn't it? Looks like a place close to where my brother lives.

  5. @ncautoman57 did you see the sign in the beginning of the clip?

  6. ncautoman57 says:

    @1963impala2dr I just went back a paused it so I could read it. When the video was running I couldn't read it all I saw was the area code for the phone number. That's the place alright..

  7. @novoiperkele I think auto salvage maybe is the correct term.. not sure.. maybe I should change the title?

  8. Ross Thoms says:

    Very cool! Nice to see old cars not rusted into the ground.

  9. @Rosskenpo1 oh.. just wait til you see the "NEXT" place we went to!! I was in heaven! haha. JUNK everywhere!

  10. @novoiperkele well.. this place was not really a junk yard I guess..but more of a classic salvage/sales place. they arent crushing the stuff but rather trying to save it and salvaging what parts they can. good to see because over here, every time the price of scrap metal goes up, the wrecking yards start crushing everything! I wish I could save them all but I just cant.. but as you can see by my back lot..I'm trying!! haha

  11. busvlogger says:

    Hehehe! I always feel at home with a short bus, don't know why!!! When people do that custom sorta thing, they cobble them up sometimes, that one looked pretty straight. You can't escape THE BUSVLOGGER! MOO- HAHAHA! Thanks for sharing, my brotha!

  12. @busvlogger you are INDELIBLE! you are deeply embedded into my mind!! You are "ingrained in m'brain" I can NEVER never NEVER see a VW and not think of YOU!

  13. busvlogger says:

    @1963impala2dr That's the idea! (evil genius)

  14. @busvlogger I liken you to an ear wig what has dun crawled all up into my ear and has dun started a burrowin' hits way inta m'brain.. you are through the tough outter skin and a makin' yer way to the inner mass of my brainy tissue.. right into the center of my universe! there is NO escapin' da busvlogger!! oh ! say hit aint so!!!

  15. busvlogger says:

    @1963impala2dr That was beautiful! *tear*

  16. Mustie1 says:

    the wheeeelee machine,,,

  17. It should be a crime to leave a Shelby Cobra Mustang convertable out in the rain with the top down 🙁

    In my younger days I had a '68 GT convertable with a 390, the one car I wish I still had.

  18. @bigjohnson5619 oh.. wait til you see the next yard!

  19. @jacktheripped yeah, we all have a story about the one that got away 🙂

  20. rpeek says:

    Thanks for sharin'. cool stuff!

  21. cutworm59 says:

    Almost spotted a Crosley……..just off screen…

  22. @rpeek it was fun, even in the rain!

  23. @cutworm59 well..if it was off screen, how did you almost spot it? its those meds again aint it cut

  24. pretty sweet hearse. Looks like the one in the 1981 movie "the hearse'

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