OLD IRON salvage yard

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January 31, 2017
Decorative wall panels from reclaimed wood. Type: Alias
February 1, 2017


  1. novelist10 says:

    that would be an awesome grill. i reckon it would have just the right rake to it. 

  2. novelist10 says:

    man i would love to spend about a hundred grand in that place :D

  3. Looks like you guys had some fun at the candy store. Best comment….vacuum sucks! Thanks 1963impala2dr for letting me tag along!

  4. @novelist10 OH DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats SOOOOOOOOO bad!!! hahahaha

  5. @novelist10 I dont think you could. .hahaha

  6. ncautoman57 says:

    I want some old iron!! Just have too many projects to take on one now! Love old salvage yards..

  7. novelist10 says:

    @1963impala2dr 😀 😀 😀 i write all my own material. it shows huh?

  8. @novelist10 you'll be here all week? 

  9. novelist10 says:

    @1963impala2dr til they throw me out. :D

  10. @NewRiverRepair haha.. glad someone caught that..but as for best comment.. read what Novelist10 said about the grill hahaha

  11. @ncautoman57 I know.. wait til you see the next place.. this is just a teaser.. I wanted to pitch a tent.. Oh how I wish i could rescue all that old iron.. "sigh"

  12. @novelist10 shouldnt take long 

  13. ncautoman57 says:

    @1963impala2dr If the next one is any better I won't be able to stood it!!! LOL 

  14. @ncautoman57 we got to the next place and Brian said.. something bout Ken having permagrin. It was awesome.. you just walk around and gather up what you want, then go knock on the guys door and he gives you a price. we talked a bit then he took me in and dug in his bed room closet and came up with those lights that I have. two guys want to buy them.."you know who" included. haha.. I told him he couldnt afford em. haha.. 

  15. novelist10 says:

    @1963impala2dr 😀 😀 critics 

  16. happy 666 videos ,great looking morris minor at the start 

  17. @89thunderchunky OH.. I better upload another one soon.. dont wanna be stuck on that number!! geeze!!

  18. T REX says:

    Siphon Sucks lol lol Well Yaaahhhh that's what a siphon does ha ha ha

  19. @Rex46947 you got that right!

  20. @plymouthrat51 haha.. hadnt rained for months til the day we got there! Video that place and save us all a trip! haha

  21. Mustie1 says:

    your jeep would fit right in,,,

  22. @mustie1 what are you trying to say

  23. Mustie1 says:

    @1963impala2dr thats a yard of 2011 cars,,,

  24. cutworm59 says:

    I built a 1960 Starliner-428CJ. Tripower, Nascar headers etc etc. Huge over legal DOT size. Ford an Pontiac both got fined thousands and made smaller ones for 62. my car would race the spedo an gas gauge against each other! Guess who won!

  25. Thanks for the tour!

  26. rpeek says:

    I thought you were in Novelist 10's back yard there for a while…. 

  27. @DEATHTRAPHOTRODS more to come! :)

  28. novelist10 says:

    @rpeek i should start selling tickets. :D

  29. @skinny122754 probably some panels there.. I'll be posting more video and the guys number is at the front of the first vid I put up on this yard.. thanks for watching! 

  30. @skinny122754 would love to see the vids

  31. rpeek says:

    @novelist10 Yea, I want to ride on the rides! If I've got Disneyland East and 63Impaller's got Disneyland West, your place must be like Disneyland with an attitude? hahahaha. 

  32. 231flash says:

    I want that Datsun Roadster at 2:11 , what stat is this? I could walk thru a yard like that for days.

  33. @231flash check the vid I put up a couple days ago called "old iron auto salvage walk around" at the beginning I video'd the guys sign with all the information so you can contact him. 

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