Organize hardware in this cubby hole storage cabinet. Made from recycled wood.

Reclaimed Wood Bench – Trash turned into Furniture
December 26, 2016
The Do’s and Don’ts of Regifting
December 26, 2016

Organize at least part of your workshop with this modular, cubby-hole storage cabinet. Read the full article and download plans:

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This week, I’m recommending “SHED Your Stuff, Cahnge Your Life” by Julie Morganstern, to help you get organized for the new year.


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  1. Personally I find a useful litmus test for what to keep or not is, "by the time I expect to use it, would it be cheaper to replace it because I tossed it or have spent my time and energy digging around looking for it or keeping track that I have it?"  How much of your hobby time do you want to spend rummaging around in drawers on the off chance that you might have a three dollar part?  Thanks for all the great MeMo vids Steve, looking forward to the entertainment and ideas for 2015!

  2. Hi Steve.
    Im beginning in woodworking an dont know What to buy, Would you say that i should buy a mitre saw or a table saw? And is Ryobi a good brand for the DIY man??

  3. dafydd says:

    Why did you change your cleat system 

  4. dlwatib says:

    It sometimes is emotionally helpful when getting rid of something potentially useful to give it away to a thrift store or a friend instead of dumping it in the trash. Odd bits of metal can go to a recycler. I really hate how people add to the landfills for lack of thoughtfulness.

  5. So funny Steve 🙂 saw you holding that downpipe clamp and thought of the half dozen I'm still holding on to, just in case :)

  6. KountryCuz1 says:

    Ooo No I never throw any thing out

  7. EZStudRack says:

    Hi Steve, Very nice!  For those who are not so handy, you can get a framed wall kit from  You can build a fully adjustable wall and create custom shelving for your items.  The advantage is when items change, the shelves EASILY ADJUST!  In fact, I will be happy to send you a free package if you would like so you can review it!

  8. very good idea and great job, well done thank you.

  9. sell all the unwanted stuff to people that might think they can use it.

  10. Hey Steve, I love your videos (especially shop projects) and ocasionally I make something, too. I saw that you forgot to add this video to the shop projects playlist. Keep up the good work.

  11. Nice Tardis joke (cause the blue paint is the paint for the Tardis)

  12. Dog Rox says:

    Nice shelf system!! I know how it is about throwing stuff away. My whole living room and bedroom is cluttered with stuff. I'm not as bad as some of those people you see on TV shows like hoarders ! 🙂 but seems like its getting there hehehe, though most of my stuff is music equipment and electronic parts. :-)

  13. mrmike1ish says:

    well I recycle what I do not use.. when it comes to wood then I give it away same as paint that way when I need it generally is given to me back no waste name of the game

  14. meksaldi says:

    Check out> George Carlin – Stuff

  15. painta76 says:

    that colour blue will make it bigger on the inside!!!? are you a closeted whovian ?

  16. moninum says:

    Steve, you look so cool working at the tablesaw with your sunglasses on and and the aeriel on you earmuff @ 2:03, but even better with that gesture @ 2:08. Did you consider to combine it with  a headset microphone? That would look awesome, like a jet fighter pilot on the tablesaw!

  17. Was that a reference to Doctor Who at 4:59??

  18. McMizzle23 says:

    Could you make a nail polish rack please?

  19. McMizzle23 says:

    Could you make a nail polish rack please?

  20. McMizzle23 says:

    Could you make a nail polish rack please?

  21. Marc Eaton says:

    Had to revisit this one, making plans to make new storage for containers I bought at Home Depot.

  22. Steve the best your woodworking and beautiful work. U are idol.

  23. Sammy Taylor says:

    Thank you for saying "twenty fifteen" I am tired of hearing people still say "two thousand and whatever" thank you thank you!

  24. DoingItCheap says:

    My name is Bob and I'm a Hoarder………hello Bob……lol……………….. My kids can have an auction after I die. I refuse to get rid of it, just like the other post……throw it away and need it the next day. For a laugh check out my youtube channel DoingItCheap. Still loving your videos Steve.

  25. 79MrZeus says:

    "Someday I may need this for something.." Yeah, not matter what language you speak or what culture you belong to…in the end this phrase comes very often

  26. Love it. Watching from the UK and what you say about getting rid of stuff rings true with me. I cannot throw anything away 'just in case'.

  27. Rantz2040 says:

    I know this is an old video but something kept popping out at me, you kept calling them grooves when they were dado cuts, dado cuts are cross grain grooves are with the grain. Still always love your videos not sure how this one didnt show up until today.

  28. Paul Kennedy says:

    Ok so here's my hoarding issue. Different than most. I hoard photos. Family pictures! I have so many it's difficult (impossible) to manage them. I'm sure it's a similar hoarding issue like any other. Tips or tricks any wants to share…?

  29. i purge, i go through my stash of stuff or wardrobes or closets once in a while, usually when It's too full and messy I can't find anything, then I come across stuff i haven't used for ages, prob not going to use it, last time I cleared out all my woll and gave it to a charity that teaches people to knit, otherwise it might go to the thrift store or other homes..for me it works if i think about moving house and having to pack it and take it, possibly downsizing homes…i just visualise and purge…twice a year…it's good for you and your house ;-)

  30. When I saw that bin of random things, as a sculpture artist mostly using found objects and things that are free, I was drooling.

  31. Well done! Thanks! You've motivated us!!! LOL

  32. Stroker Ace says:

    The more organized I try to get the more I seem to accumulate

  33. warpswede says:

    Tardis blue. Good color!

  34. David Dear says:

    at the 2:00 mark what is that attached to the hand held saw? Is that designed for that? Looks like something to help cut straight lines. Any details on it?

  35. tosgem says:

    "Shed your stuff" or whatever that book is called has been responsible for untold valuable junk being thrown away. It's the ultimate philosophy for the disposable, consumer age.

  36. Alan Falleur says:

    I'm going to get organized as soon as I figure out where my tools are.

  37. Free Plans!!! Faith in humanity restored. I'm so happy, even though I'm probably not gonna build this soon.

  38. MrSeaneboy says:

    Im a minimalist hoarder

  39. rhaacke says:

    If you want to see the king of organization and waste reduction check out the FastCap channel.

  40. Michael Lusk says:

    Hi steve. Good vid as always. Got a question. I rent, and I have a basement that is concrete. I am not aloud to drill or attach anything to the walls. So, got any ideas how I can make some free standing storage racks? I am a amature woodworker, so I would ask for it not to be complicated if possible. Or at least something step by step.. Thanks…Michael

  41. Eric Lopez says:

    That moment you throw something out then realize you need it.

  42. Do you think it would be practical to put an organizer like this on a French cleat system?

  43. outro trabalho excelente.

  44. @05:10…"seriously, I don't even know what that is…"

    It looked like track rod end off a motor car…

  45. Now, wait a minute. Don't throw that stuff away! I could use that!

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