Rant – Worst Story Mission in Rise of Iron, Bannerfall Recycled Content

March 11, 2017
Oil & Varnish: A Refresher
March 13, 2017


  1. Jake Farm says:

    I've seen mixed opinions of this mission. Planet destiny seemed to love it.

  2. lolashelby says:

    It's funny because all the small channels talk shit about destiny while the big ones praise it… Wonder why… Maybe good ol bugie is giving out hand jobs

  3. Well at least u got gjally after that

  4. Ian Lebert says:

    Look you ungrateful fuck and it's always been hard as fuck to rank up and who gives a shit about a reskin would you wanna make a whole new thing when you could just reskin something that works and you already have I know you would make the same decision if you don't like the fucking dlc go fuck yourself man they worked hard on this and you couldn't do half of the shit they did in this dlc nor fucking make a decent game and finally if you don't like it don't go to YouTube about it you fucking view whore

  5. Bungie: Let's make an original, fun and action packed mission!

    Random staff member: let's make a reskin of banner fall with POE objectives

    Bungie: great idea! Let's make a DLC you need to get, so you don't get bored! This will TOTALLY be the BEST DLC ever!

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