Reclaimed Lumber for Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture – Room Decoration Ideas
December 17, 2016
'Quite a Bit of Forge Work'
December 17, 2016

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“What have you been up to, we need our videos?!?!” That’s the question I hope this video can partially answer. I’ve been busy with work which has kept me away from making YouTube videos. So I decided to bring YouTube along with me for a day. In this video I’m on location salvaging some old lumber from a barn and house. The wood is being used for a set of farm tables I’m making. Reclaimed wood is great for projects where you are making new furniture that looks old. You just can beat it for it’s aged appearance and authentic marks and coloration. It takes some work and effort to find and get it, but once you have, you’ve got a great product to work with. My tools of choice for salvaging are several pry bars, framing hammer, sledge hammer, chainsaw, shovel, rake, leaf blower, truck and a winch. With these items you can tear down just about anything…….. also jacks are nice too. Join me for a day of work. Be sure to let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this, if so, I’ll bring the camera along with me on my travels more often. Thank you for watching!!!!!



  1. ken beattie says:

    Gloves are wonderful tools.  But, great project through and through.

  2. Tri Beverage says:

    Great video, you are quite knowledgable for your years. The best part of the video was your comment after you pull the center post…"well, that was less than impressive"…I love the term and I say it often! Keep up the great work and I am not quite sure why people start dragging politics and "doom and gloom" into your willingness to get off of your ass and do something good (and make a some money). Your rebuttal was perfection…

  3. 19stoney64 says:

    Great find! I have built some items from the old wood myself. No way you can replicate the character it has.

  4. Okie homa says:

    Good work, very good work.  In case I missed it did you say where you're at? or from?

  5. Well, what can I say? I don't like you're videos. – I LOVE them!

  6. If you hadn't of gotten the boards kiln dried, how long would have it taken to dry inside?

  7. crumb9cheese says:

    you are awesome. I just subbed

  8. looking forward to future posts

  9. I do like.  Rip up more, we like it…  
    Good work, keep it safe and YES need to see more!!!

  10. JMA JMA says:

    De graça até injeção na testa e ônibus errado. kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. MRrwmac says:

    Guess I missed this one. Going out in the woods and getting wood for new projects is enjoyable (to me anyway)! That cache of wood in those buildings is going to be great to have on hand for your projects. Saw a later video where you took is around the wood piles and using the metal to cover them up. Thanks for this video. I did enjoy it!

  12. SMCG says:

    Nice vid. I got a question for you as I'm having a hard time to find somebody that can answer it in my surrounding. I build a garden shed six months ago. Basically I used 4inches x 4 inches thick beams (not sure what wood it is, maybe oak, something expensive and hard wood, one beam I attached to the facade, then 2 beam as posts and 3 other beams connecting em with large threads and bolts and then some smaller beams in the middle. quickly but not efficiently treated the wood for water, covered it with a tarpaulin fixed with washers and screws. Unfortunately the tarpauline doesn't cover all the wood on the sides (was a bit shorter than the size I ordered) and so it's raining on the edge of the beams. After six months I can see that the beams on these spots became a bit light gray and also unfortunately I got a bad injury on the back preventing me from working. Your opinion: how fast can wood rot when exposed to the rain and snow in the winter, is it gonna hold til spring? From underneath the beams looks like new, there's just about 1 inch large surface on the sides of the beams that's exposed to the rain and of course the rain drops run downs the sides of the beams…

  13. that cat converter make that place look real nice if its hot

  14. wow u should wear a mask

  15. Great videos, very informative. Thank you.

  16. Well done like your dedication to your craft

  17. 8:55 I was waiting for you to buzz down a tree and it fall on your truck. 😀 Great vid!

  18. Just had a friend offer me an old horse barn. Lots of good lumber. I appreciate the tips on having the wood ran thru a kiln to kill the bugs. Nothing worse than saw dust under a table! Except maybe red wasps….

  19. johnsobj says:

    Great load of reclaimed lumber.  Nice work!

  20. peter smith says:

    The wonder of wood. Treat it nice and it'll last for ever.

  21. Don't stand near the cable. if it brakes it could cut you in half

  22. ksvensen says:

    Great video. Wish I could do something like this. But I'm not handy at all. You should make a how to video for dummies 🙂 maybe there is some books to read on how to make tables

  23. Chizl Swizl says:

    Nice work. How does one pay all the bills at the end of the day? Lotsa people would like to do this but can't afford to. Is there a trick?

  24. That was your work out for the week!!!

  25. Samantha Lee says:

    This is awesome. I just bought an 5 acres with 3 old barns. I super excited about reclaiming the wood and building furnisher. Glad i came across this channel.

  26. where can I get some old Lumber.

  27. Paul Darlong says:

    Hmmmm, before purchasing any sort of "plans", check out Woody's site. Hyezmar's finally published his rather dated but solid plans. Cheers!

  28. I think it's against the rules to have that much fun while you're doing your job!    ; )

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