reclaimed wood and steel bookshelves – tim sway perspectives

Barn Wood Projects
January 5, 2017
Sunday Inspiration – April 24, 2016
January 5, 2017

these bookshelves were made from reclaimed hemlock beams and a pretty heavy gauge steel. it is anchored to a wall in an apartment complex in norwalk ct.

thanks for watching,



  1. So cool, great work and video Tim.

  2. DAVID 24 says:

    Encore encore, those turned out sweet thanx for sharing buddy

  3. Tankridxxxl says:

    I don't know which I liked better, the video or the music! Very cool!

  4. Marc Eaton says:

    Very cool project.  Did you violate any copy rights with that cool music Tim?

  5. very artistic video, I think the bookcase turned out great also

  6. Cool! I love the mix of woodworking, metalworking and music. Really nice!

  7. Edgar Rivera says:

    You forgot to add the audience applause at the end lol. Man, that whole shelf turned out great!! 

  8. Matt Diresta says:

    Music killed me. But I dig the look of the finished shelves. 

  9. Nice piece but you need to assess your skills honestly. You make dope furniture and fucking awful music. 

  10. Beautiful shelves. Keep up the good work!

  11. great stuff! guess we have to put you next to jimmy diresta in the world.. except you do not put your name on every thing ;)

  12. Amazing shelves thanks maybe more drumming lessons tho haha

  13. What welder are you using? Do you use gas? Great project!

  14. Thanks for your quick reply Tim. I recently found your series of videos and I'm hooked! You're an inspiration.

  15. Really cool you are very good, I also did one like this on my channel.

  16. Nice rhythms. music of the materials.

  17. I wanted to watch this..but the drumming that sounds like a toddler is in the background..makes this video unbearable to get through. maybe cut the banging out ??

  18. jimgam730 says:

    thumbs up Tim. Like the soundtrack on this one as well.

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