Reclaimed wood bench

The $20 Rustic Shelf – DIY Project
February 6, 2017
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February 8, 2017


  1. superbe travaille j adore

  2. Dude! Your fingers are so close to that blade I'm surprised you still have all your digits!

  3. wood bandit says:

    never seen any one work so dangerous and reckless on a table saw , watch those finger you only get to have one set.

  4. Phil M says:

    Nice job man. Like it!

  5. Aaron Moore says:

    Dood… thats a beautiful piece! I'm just starting out in my wood working hobby and seeing stuff like this keeps me excited! Good work my Southern friend! Know if you got a nicer-ish camera and a decent video set up you could make some killer vids and get real popular ;)… especially with your talent and resourcefulness.

  6. pastorammo says:

    Fantastic and talented work! I just started working on projects like this. I have so much respect for people that have such talent and ideas. Subscribed.

  7. Pedro Perez says:


  8. The legs look really good. You should make more wood projects.

  9. Gordon Clark says:

    Fingers. Protect them.

  10. Edmund Squid says:

    Hey Allen, I have been working my way through your videos and I like your work. I do not normally play the "Safety Nazi" role but I just gotta say, watching you run that table saw without a push stick gives me the heebie jeebies man! I'll still watch your videos though and I still drop a like on every one of them. Anyway keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your projects with us.

  11. Patrick P says:

    let me know you still got your fingers. protect them. use a push stick. watching that was like watching a man fish and catching a shark on a kayak.

  12. MediaFilter says:

    Hey, just wondering, what's that tool you're using @6:00?

  13. good use of reclamed wood

  14. Hellsong89 says:

    Looks great, but how the fuck you still got all your fingers? Whole cutting section was big cringe fest for me at least, specially when i have been giving first aid to m8 at the work, who i guess wanted to stain the panels with blood… its not nice feeling when your receiving blood red panels and a thumb at another end of the saw. Use your head (or push stick) and stay safe.

  15. Karl Sen says:

    Nice Job Allen! Great idea for scrap wood that I have laying around.

  16. mister smith says:

    That looks dam good brother!

  17. BigHat says:

    eventually, this channel will be called stumpy's welding/woodworking.

    safety aside, that's a nice looking bench and i enjoyed the video

    Thanks for sharing

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