Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Top with Metal Base

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December 30, 2016
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December 31, 2016
Making a table top with edging to build up the thickness to fit on an existing metal base. Most of the steps involved are documented in this video, including the zinc patches and finishing.



  1. You should have made the two metal bars flush with the tble top, it would have amplified the rustic feel of the wooden table. But over all great work! Two thumbs up

  2. Mike Pomatto says:

    I noticed you glued the edge of the table top and the dado you put on the board that wraps the top.  Won't wood movement be an issue?

  3. Hello
    all your projects are wonderful, but this is incredible!
    Greetings from Bulgaria

  4. Wow! it's beautiful.

  5. where did you order the table base from?

  6. wambolt1212 says:

    why did you make those random cuts with the circular saw?

  7. wambolt1212 says:

    those both look awesome btw!

  8. Hi..really nice job…what screws or nails are u using to attach the al squares? I also noticed you applied a chemical to make the al react and produce the vintage effect, could you please share that information? Thanks.

  9. hffcom says:

    Julio D:  The metal patches are zinc (galvanized).  The tacks are aluminum.  You can buy tacks and patina juice here:  on ebay search for "patina juice" – I am selling my products here

  10. Steve SteveS says:

    That looks great – Did I see right that you glued the mitered end pieces right across all 3 boards???

  11. John Doe says:

    Beautiful work and love the finish keep up the great work man.

  12. Table looks gorgeous, but I would expect those joints to open up some day. Or, for the top the buckle. The boards were fixed firmly in place with continuous glue and then screws. Goes against everything I've learned and come to practice. Also everything I've ever read written about or discussed. I love the metered look, but without using ply and veneer, i don't see this holding up.

  13. TO LONG a video….INFORMATIVE….yet SO MUCH unnecessary words, and unnecessary info/talking. PLEASE, EDIT video footage!

    What you offer is AWESOME…and INFORMATIVE! But it is LOST in all the unnecessary words/sounds of cutting, drilling, etc. With a little editing, this 35+ min video could be 6-8 minutes! And more likely watched and enjoyed. Just my humble opinion, from someone who has watched 100's of these similar videos, and like most….do not desire to watch, or listen to saws, drills, and every minute aspect of a project build.

  14. Byron Buxton says:

    Didn't fancy this too much until I saw the finished article. Very rudimentary jointing and woodwork practices! Beautiful finish to it when we finally got to see it. A great finished project overall though!

  15. l2a3sterling says:

    22.30 your a fast worker

  16. You should use thd sign to make a reclaimed wood bar.

  17. Why did you patch the wood?

  18. Excelente trabajo! Me
    Gustaría saber qué es lo que le aplicas al principio? aceite, barniz, laca???

  19. Pete Goode says:

    Very nice! going to start a page on my site of projects to bookmark. Cool stuff!

  20. Band Plop says:

    … absolutly bullshit !!!

  21. What did you put on the metal (steel? aluminum?) to age it? That patina? And what do you use on your copper patches for the same effect? Thanks. Your work is beautiful!

  22. What kind of small nails were you putting Into the metal pieces on top and what seal the metal with

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