Reclaimed Wood Entryway table

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December 30, 2016
Upcycled Metal Furniture By Recycled Salvage Design DIY and How To Style
December 30, 2016


  1. Awesome job man! …. definitely waiting for your next project .

  2. It doesn't get better than that brother!!!!!

  3. Do you ever add basic plans to your vids? Just watching you and your skills gets a bit old! Sorry to be so blunt.

  4. MidGAOutdoor says:

    I like it. what is that large pocket hole machine? might have to look into one of those. I have a small one, what I would call a "homeowner" Kreg Jig. Pocket holes have served me well

  5. Tradstone701 says:

    why the hell do you all screw like semi fire?????? non stop Turning till its in!!!!!!

  6. Very nice. I learned a bunch watching that.

  7. great work!! i look forward to seeing more builds!

  8. What is the tabletop made from? Can not understand why you polish and wax.

  9. Chad Burke says:

    For about 5 seconds I thought you were going to put a melamine top on that table. Nice work.

  10. Fabulous work, but methinks you need to take greater care of your lungs! Just sayin.. :-)

  11. Franks DIY says:

    I really want to make one but i think I'm gonna add different colored glass to top give it some contrast. great job

  12. beautiful…great job!

  13. Excellent wood project, tnx for sharing it with the world!!!

  14. Just watched a few of your vids. You have great vision. Excellent work on this project! Subscribed. Now I shall go watch more ;)

  15. vc C says:

    nice I like it

  16. safety issues? no dust mask? are push stick expensive?

  17. smilo75 says:

    Hi my friend….I watched all your videos multiple times…love them all.
    Can I ask for the Concrete mix you used for your entry table. Kind Regards

  18. palabful says:

    Will use this concept for a kitchen island. What kind of ….was that a special stain you used, the one you sprayed on the reclaimed wood? Thanks for this video and the other ones I've seen.

  19. First video of yours I've found. Looks like you've got a great shop, killer skills and tons of creativity. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with. SUBSCRIBED.

  20. Simon Wallis says:

    I notice you have the concrete mix quite runny whereas other videos have the mix a little thicker?
    Does the thinner mix affect finished strength? As I can see the benefits of the thinner mix flat surface wise

  21. Yup, you Rock.
    And after stalking the comments on this video you have a healthy set of trolls as well 🙂
    Kewl Build brother !!!

  22. 1:38 what does that thing do?

  23. Can you tell us how you mounted the concrete top to the wood frame please?

  24. Wow, that is some shop! Ar you sjre you don;t have some "entryway table maker" machine there?

  25. dean flint says:

    I like your vids. Watched your pallet coffee table vid and thought I need to build that. Only thing you need is a bat power impact gun.

  26. splash says:

    beautiful work!

  27. Bailey B says:

    Wow, I love watching you make stuff, so talented. When did you start building things?

  28. I am so Intrigued by your Talent sir, it is a God given Gift! Great Job!

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