Reclaimed wood – floating shelf

Metal Strap and Reclaimed Wood Console Table
March 27, 2017
Beauty in Brokenness
March 29, 2017


  1. Attila Szabo says:

    Everything you do is very nice and neat. including your tools as well. But please…. your fingers man, your FINGERS!

  2. Liu Alice says:


  3. είσαι ωραίος και μετράς!

  4. Mike Hogan says:

    very nice. I'd have to agree about your fingers though, get a push stick! Also, all that equipment and hand sanded? 😉

  5. Looks nice! Would have been an interesting tweak to put end grain on the ends, to make it look like an actual raw beam,

  6. A_nDinG says:

    Very well done! thank you for sharing!

  7. any chance you sell these?? I am looking for 11" x 1.5" (or 2 if necessary)x 46" shelves. Need three;)
    if you sell/ ship, please reply

  8. Mister M says:

    Nice video. Thanks. Question: When you mount the bracket portion to the wall there will be a gap between the wall and the bracket due to the metal L supports. I assume the wood will bow a bit when screwed into the wall because of this gap. Did that create a problem?

  9. Nicely done. Everyone is so worried about your fingers and the lack of a push stick but no one commented on the spray booth with no respirator 😉 Got to protect those lungs man.

  10. fritz keller says:

    Your shop is awesome to.

  11. nice turn out, love the toys you have

  12. abcsukrnet says:

    Do you still have all fingers?

  13. Nick Dux says:

    looks brilliant, what did you spray it with?

  14. You are awesome. Nice work!

  15. your a really fast sander lol

  16. Robert Oo says:

    what is that tool youve used on the wall to find something? what for?

  17. tema b says:

    Nothing like a strong handy man!!!

  18. What is that accessory you have on the Robland Z320 that has a programmable stop fence?

  19. metals says:

    Well done, excellent job. I am secretly planning a take-over of that shop. Oppps,….

  20. axiomist says:

    Fantastic! I am impressed. Great work.

  21. When you know how to use your tools, you don't have to worry about cutting off fingers, usually. I will say that the blade could be a little lower.

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