Reclaimed Wood Furniture | Recycled Bespoke Wood and Metal Pipe Shelving From £1500

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January 14, 2017
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January 15, 2017

Reclaimed Wood Furniture has a mistique all of its own, together with affording one the knowledge that they in their own and very small way playing their part in saving our planet. So what exactly makes reclaimed wood furniture so very special? Well with a natural character, each piece has unique knots and grains and often a history to match. Reclaimed wood furniture boasts nicks and imperfections which make the owner, a very proud owner of a piece of history as well as beauty. Often having taken years decades or centuries to develop every piece of reclaimed wood furniture has a story to tell unlike the mass produced generic MDF or plastic alternatives that are sold the world over in today’s throw away society.

Isabella Klein Design offers you bespoke and beautiful recycled and reclaimed wood furniture to have your very own piece of unique furniture created just for you please contact us on

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