Reclaimed Wood Top X12 part 3

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March 25, 2017
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March 27, 2017

No music in this one… all work and no play. These planks are 17″ wide and almost 2″ thick… way too heavy for one person to lift. This wood is extremely old and hard to work, and reeks like horse sh*t when cut. I couldn’t believe it still smells fresh after all those years… Most of the nails could not be removed, as they were too corroded to pull out. This can be a big problem… since it can’t be planed on the machine, everything has to be done “as is”. One plank is fairly twisted up, so I employ the wood butcher method to flatten it out so it can function as a table top… and it works every time! I also pull out another trick to fix a rotten edge. I use matching grain from a cut-off to build it out to the thickness of the adjacent board. This is a serious wood shop video.



  1. MrScrogg says:

    I loved your music choices in the first 2 of the series but I have to admit, I think I'm partial to plain and raw. This ain't MTV, this is real life woodworking. Really enjoyed watching your problem solving as well.

  2. Cody Taber says:

    In your opinion is there a reason to use a thin kerf blade over a less thin kerf or the other way around?

  3. Harry Newell says:

    Beautiful top with those circular blade marks from the old mill…..

  4. 1kenkelly says:

    I for one love the music you choose for your videos. It's sets a mood like an artist creating a complete work. I wish more people got that. Anyway…. great work is great work. I still think the music you select (or don't select) is part of the story. I hope you won't abandon that part of it completely.

  5. Craig Bainum says:

    Love your videos. Question: could you explain the circular saw cuts? Where to make them, how long, how deep?

  6. Todd Bailey says:

    Great video! I would have to vote for the no music as well. With the music it is just a show, with the actual sounds it gives the feel of actually being there watching the work. Just my opinion, enjoy either very much though.

    When you were flattening the boards with the stitching, could a person use epoxy resin and just fill the saw cut kerfs instead? I like the effect the stitching gave but just wondering if the epoxy would work if a person wasn't looking for the visual effect?


  7. Great technique for fixing the warp in the board!! Never would have thought of that! Awesome way to reuse some old timber. Too bad it smells like poop… 🙂

    Could you have used biscuits in the cut slots? since they would expand might have helped?

  8. punkbloater says:

    Realy nice craftmanship, great to watch.

  9. I think you have to use wooden butterfly made from the same wood

  10. Lee Goins says:

    Have you been a mute all your life?

  11. Brilliant methods to straighten/flatten that huge plank. I don't know how I missed this vid when you first released it but I really enjoyed it. You are a Master!

  12. Robin May says:

    Is there a video or pictures showing the finished table?

  13. Marc Vincent says:

    what did you put on it to give it that rich dark colour ?

  14. Ken Wilson says:

    That's the best thing I've seen on Youtube since Paul Sellers. I love the problem solving… Cheers.

  15. wxfield says:

    Goodness Mitch, wouldn't a track saw be a lot faster/easier to square up those edges? How often do you square material up in the shop? It seems like most every other video I see you using your squaring jigs. Have you stopped to calculate how many hours you spend performing this operation and compare that to the cost of a track saw? Just curious.

  16. Carlos Omar says:

    nice videos all of them thanks

  17. RPSimoes says:

    Mitch,where do you learn these techniques….Your skills are amazing….Thanks for share….Congratulations from Brasil.

  18. Степан says:

    Could you tell me what covered the tree? this is a Polish with something?

  19. Don Black says:

    While it's a great video, I think it would beven better had you included, Verbally, your 'thought' process as you are working.  Sometimes a 'word' really Is worth a thousand 'videos'. 😉 😉

  20. маску не забыл! а надо было ещё подгузник одеть !

  21. Brykl1 says:

    Vaše práce je velice poučná. Nikdy mě nenapadlo rovnat fošnutímhle způsobem. Moc děkuji za ukázku.

  22. johnsobj says:

    near 30 min mark (putting straight edge on board):  Was there a reason why you did it with the router rather than using the table saw.  Would have guessed that you could have screwed the straight board on proud of the opposite side and used that against the fence as reference.  Just trying to make sure I didn't miss something since you do this WAY more than I do.Thanks so much and please keep it up!

  23. what were you putting on the qood to color and seal

  24. great video and thanks,thanks,thanks, for no ear ruining music.

  25. also,good job getting that twist out

  26. Uauuuu! You use the Fred Flintstone sistem of unit ! Why you do not use the Metrical Decimal ? It is the law since 1991 !

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