reclaimed wood top

Industrial Coffee Table John Malecki/IntotheDirtshop
January 23, 2017
Design Trend: The Gallery Wall
January 23, 2017


  1. coliguar says:

    me encanta lo que hicieron, lastima la musiquita gay

  2. ioan ilie says:

    simply wonderful. great job guys

  3. Danny M says:

    What kind of stain did you use? Brand and name of stain? Really beautiful piece man. Great job. Oh and what sort of varnish did you use to finish it? Love the high gloss appearance

  4. Mr A says:

    What oil did you use before you sprayed?

  5. Brian Leck says:

    Wow, epoxy, then stain, then conversion varnish??? Good luck with the incompatible systems; varnish will crack over the epoxy and CV is NOT recommended for counter-tops.. Let me guess, you used Minwax stain too. Instead to half-assing your finish, why don't you invest a little money and do it right the first time? Lacquer stain, dye toner, polyester sealer, then catalyzed urethane. Bulletproof.

  6. John Francis says:

    Please tell me what you used to fill the gaps.

  7. That's some very good looking reclaimed wood, great find. Enjoyed the video

  8. Excellent and inspiring. Plus that song is awesome!

  9. Nice work, nice song

  10. the TOMSTER says:

    whats used for darkening the wood? Thanks!

  11. Song: Sensing Owls…Jose Gonzalez

  12. @sowason

    whats that thing done at 00:30 ?? glued together ?? what kinda glue ??

    at 1:12 .. is that sealer being done on it ??

    what kinda finish polish did you use ?? melamine or PU ??

  13. gökhan alet says:

    ilk sürdugu malzemenın adı nedır

  14. Matt Rand says:

    watched it on mute. still captivating. beautiful work.

  15. Alvin Dueck says:

    That's a real nice finish. not over glossy like I've seen others. nice work

  16. Alex Ramirez says:

    This is amazinn

  17. bom dia estou falando do Brasil que produto seria este utilizado para a recuperação desta peça.

  18. Tech Tins says:

    What is the substance you fill the cracks up with?

  19. Humod Aman says:

    Simply Beautiful

  20. Perfection on so many levels..thank you!

  21. Mint! I need one of those sprayers :)

  22. Masine za cepanje. Kamena.

  23. I really love reclaimed wood!! I don't think there are anything more beautiful than that!!!

  24. Daksou23 says:

    I have a couple questions if you don't mind answering! I am a new wood worker and I am curious about how the epoxy is with the clear coat… What grit did you finalize the sanding with on the epoxy and would it have any issue with showing through the clear coat or creating some weird coloring? What type of clear coat did you spray on and how does it hold up for counter tops? Especially with hot plates on it?

  25. R Clark says:

    what stain did you use ? it looks great :)

  26. Fork33 says:

    very good the look is fantastik

  27. good menos,,beautyful

  28. PAULO qra says:


  29. Gerar Bas says:

    +Captain! What is this?!
    -Craft Porn
    +Craft Porn?!?!
    -AND one of the the best!
    +I see…

  30. a great table its nice how we can age wood just by letting it crack drying to fast

  31. Grumich says:

    Too bad you didn't add audio to this video, I would've liked it otherwise. For instance, what was that "goop" you put on the surface and why heat it with a blowtorch; that sort of thing. Nice work on the tabletop though.

  32. Roman R says:

    nice top. but poor choice of making the rest of the kitchen out of regular wood as well. really takes away from the highlight that couldve been the top. shouldve just went with white drawers and doors imo.

  33. Paul Flores says:

    beautifully done.

  34. que liquido le pone en la mesa que queda muy bonita

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