Recycled Spirits of Iron

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December 15, 2016
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December 16, 2016

Metal Sculptor Dan Klennert works magic with scraps of iron. Take a tour of his sculpture park named “Ex-Nihilo,” which is Latin for something created out of nothing. Admire his skill and imagination!



  1. Dan Klennert says:

    Thank you funfabmegan for the positive comment on my art, at this time in my career my art is my life. I hope to continue creating till the time comes for me to leave this planet. 

  2. Hi Dan, last December I was driven on valley way blvd on Fontana CA, and I noticed your truck with an iron sea horse sculpture. I said to myself “what an amazing work of art”, then I got closed to you I give you the thumps up. You were so nice, and give me a brochure which I still have it. I am really impressed with your work and I will share this information with all my friends & customers from my Latin magazine. Thank for your art

  3. Thank you for letting us enjoy your art. It is a unique place to visit.

  4. twocans says:

    Yesterday my friends and I visited your place, (I spoke with you briefly) and it left us smiling. Such a tranquil and unique place! 

  5. HKsquared says:

    I love this place! Dan is the man

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