Recycling In India

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December 28, 2016
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December 28, 2016

A documentary film about the traditional ways of recycling in India. Produced and Directed By Nilesh Vasave.
Winner – Best Documentary Short, Tenerife International Film Festival 2011
Official Selection – Radar Hamburg International Film Festival 2011



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  2. SgtPiggie says:

    This level of recycling is unheard of in the US.

  3. O Foundation says:

    We are supporting waste pickers in Mumbai! 
    Check out our crowdfunding campaign

    Dont believe god will appear on television

  4. LordOdyniec says:

    Nice,good job guys:)

  5. These dumb Indian say that their people are environmental friendly, resourceful and crap but actually there is nothing else to do in india for these dumb indians.

  6. Ganga Din says:

    at 33:15… interesting way to drive.

  7. Viren Gada says:

    Too good. Inspiring , Worth watching and understanding.

  8. Great documentary! Thanks!

    Different countries could perhaps pool their knowledge and practices when it comes to recycling. I don't mean simply shipping materials around, I mean helping each other with knowhow and methods.

  9. Ketul Shah says:

    @Michael Angel…

    we are not dumb..but smarter then you….. it's proved by the cideoo…we dont spend money for green washing we deal with reality as shown in short film…

  10. Fucking bullshit. Not a word on contraception or birth control. And these Indian dickheads had better start considering the idea. They cannot territorially expand. If they tried that on then Bangla Desh, for example, would militarily kick their backsides. Not every Raji Kumar can become a call-center millionaire. In fact, hardly any. And those stupid Indian baby breeders better soon realise that.

  11. That is a great video. I am in the USA. I take apart electronics for metal recycling. Everyone it seems frowns upon it and I am always in violation of code. It is totally different here. People throw away everything and they have no idea why I take things apart. Trying to make a junkpile look nice is like putting lipstick on a pig. I am forced to bring one item out at a time and junk it and store the metals in the basement. As for the abs and hips plastic. No one around here wants it. I sometimes question why I live in this type of low moral society. 

  12. Kumar Modi says:

    if they are recycling properly ..Why india is too dirty and shitty ???

  13. Vivek Bhatia says:

    like this video

  14. Chas Waldron says:

    LOL she said the only thing we dont recycle is dead humans and dogs ! This was a very good video thx.

  15. great video. Good to see a taste of my India. I think the author has a point if their is a financial benefit everyone would do more recycling. hope this concept takes off all our the world. Great job in making this video.

  16. keith henry says:

    how can the west talk about recycling when they don't practice this the west have double standard one law for u and one law for them you all should come here and see the building construction and see the so call recycling

  17. austrorus says:

    throw away items, like ships… great sense of humor that gentleman!

  18. very nice and informative video

  19. Don Cross says:

    I think I might think about investing in sewers, they have none, imagine that, human wastehas to be collected, and only the rich can afford that, those who cannot afford this servicerelieve themselves in the fields,shubery,gardens.Its 2016!

  20. akumie2 says:

    "This is India, we can make money from soil" XD

  21. isingoma ram says:

    traditionally wastes has been managed sustainably why not today with the world of alights. lets keep wastes in a popper disposal

  22. Sam Patel says:

    Super you see in video some of hard worker How they doing job very hard job but still work on with great smile yes great smile

  23. awesome work…proud indian

  24. will you buy from tripura?

  25. very nice…
    can anyone provide me info about E-waste recycling?

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