Restore The Shore, How to Remove Nails and Mill Reclaimed Lumber by Jon Peters

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February 20, 2017
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February 22, 2017

Restore The Shore, how to remove nails and mill reclaimed lumber by Jon Peters. Learn the tools, tips and techniques you’ll need for this project.



  1. Nice trick with the swinging magnets……..I'll use that. Now save those old square nails!!!

  2. absolutely beautiful. I am in the process of restoring a 108 year old farm house and have scored A LOT of wood. Great idea for finding the nails. I actually have some of those magnets in my shop. Used for putting of notes mostly. I have some great pictures of you're interested. This house has a 42 foot deep well INSIDE the house.
    – Just subscribed new fan

  3. twoweary says:

    Amazon (and elsewhere) sells really strong magnets 3" long and a 1/2" wide that would make finding the nails a bit easier.Just lay it flat on your wood and slide it along until it snags on a piece of metal. Love seeing wood w/ character being brought back to life. Thanks Jon

  4. Guys, they still sell those old square nails.
    They don't work as well as round masonry nails.
    The are called "Cut Nails". No thanks.

  5. Guys, they still sell those old square nails.
    They don't work as well as round masonry nails.
    The are called "Cut Nails". No thanks.

  6. Ron Durham says:

    A less destructive and easier to repair method of retrieving the nails… drill small holes on both sides of the metal. Works safely and easy to fill if needed. Square forged nails were pre 1811 when wire nails became common. I liked your video.

  7. diver dave says:

    ? why didn't you clamp a straight edge on you band saw and run them through that first

  8. sardu55 says:

    As a Catholic, I was ready to drop and start praying during this video.

  9. It looks like the rare earth magnets worked quite well. If you're still looking for another way of finding ferris and non-ferris metals; metal detectorists use a device called a pin-pointer. They're fairly inexpensive and can find a nail several inches below the surface.

  10. Troy Davis says:

    I like using reclaimed materials….I would have keep those nails to reuse as well…they looked pretty old.

  11. Recycling is important throughout the world. I also re avail the beams used planks are like new. Congratulations

  12. charter says:

    hand -held metal detectors are available all over,starting at $29

  13. I bought a hand-held metal detector (the kind they use at airports). Works great for finding metal imbedded in wood.

  14. Edwin Torres says:

    A metal detector could help

  15. of these just good firewood!

  16. +1 from me to all up-cyclers + Jesus loves a carpenter 🙂

  17. thanxx says:

    google garrett pro pointer AT there used for metal detecting. we use them for nail detecting.there not cheap but when you think of the money you save they pay for themselves. ps/great work by the way.

  18. save those square/rectangular nails…

  19. dude, buy a nail puller

  20. jimdawggg says:

    Great idea to use the rare earth magnets to find the nails. I really like how your channel has evolved and I enjoy your videos. Thank you!

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