Ridgid Laminate Trimmer Tool Review – A woodworkweb.com woodworking video

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April 14, 2017
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The Ridgid Laminate Trimmer is a great little tool that works wonders for trimming of laminate or arborite materials or just rounding over the edges of wood. The tools is not designed as a full-fledged router, but rather as a trimming and edging type of tool. For larger jobs, a router may be required.
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  1. Good video, thank you for the demonstration. Just got this specific trim router and always like to see it used by someone with more experience than me before I jump into things!

  2. Bothuhead 19 says:

    Good video and very useful information. I have the same router and hope to use it more as my projects start coming along.

  3. WoodWorkWeb says:

    Hi John, thanks for commenting, I'm sure you will get good use from your trimmer too

  4. Ricky Torres says:

    I have the same router but no work anymore only work the ligth ;(

  5. Neil Johnson says:

    Do you feel this router would be ok to use to rabbet or dado 3/4" plywood or hardwood? I have some old cabinets that are already rabbeted that I need to trim more and a few pieces to match the existing rabbeting. Thought a full size router may be overkill.

  6. Guy Coallier says:

    Hi. I had this router for some time now, and although it will not replace my other bigger routers, I found that I always reach for this one for anything within it's capacity. Yes, a large part of the video is on laminate trimmers en general, but I think it is good for those with less knowledge. You do point out all the features of this little baby (the power, comfort, variable speed, etc…) and mention that it could be a great first router. I certainly agree with you. Good job!

  7. I have this router. For the larger bits I just took the base off then put my largest bit in the colette and put the base back on, started the router and slowly raised the base thru the bit. It cut a perfect sized hole in the base and now all my bits fit perfectly

  8. John Doe says:

    Or even worse when running the other way it might not only skip but it the router could run at you and give you a nasty bite.

  9. Why is nobody showing how to change the bits???

  10. bluephi96 says:

    So would recommend this router for putting edges on counter tops (round over, champer, etc.) and trim around beds i make and other furniture? What limitations would this have versus a full-size router. Could this do mortise? This would be my first router so I'm just asking

  11. Mee Siphht says:

    Anyone got any ideas to trim a piece of wood to be straight or parallel with the back side but is not straight on the side you want to trim? 

  12. Justin H says:

    Great suggestions about bits and end grain. How do you think this compares to the SKIL 1.75 HP router? I'm using it to make trim cuts on furniture / moulding and also using it cut through 1/2 in plywood. Do you think I'll need the variable speed?

  13. tfnd1985 says:

    will this router cut dadoes? i am looking for a second router

  14. David Wieder says:

    Just picked up my first trim router The Ridgid R2401.  This is a nice small easy to use router with great results.  I have a full size P/C router that's most often mounted in my router table which takes some time take apart to make those small cuts.  Point of clarification in you video. You describe the direction of travel when using the router left to right. (7:15)  It may be clearer if you used the phrase, " you push the router against the rotation of the bit." This is less confusing than Left to Right. An angle movement to me would refer to using a circular saw to cut a straight line.  Thanks for the review.

  15. Thanks for pointing out the left/right cutting & the fact that you need to cut the end grains first…..that will save a lot of people from wasted wood & damaged projects!  Great job!

  16. Spence Roper says:

    This is great. Very good information about using a router in general. Thanks for making this. It is very helpful.

  17. i made a comment about this router in your most recent video.i thought you just biught it recently.lol it looks brand new and clean.i just bought one recently and mine looks all beat up and dirt already..lol sorry about that mix up!:)

  18. Awesome video, Colin. Really informative stuff.

  19. Kate Paine says:

    Can you change bits w/o taking off base plate?
    No photos in provided manual…grrrrr!
    How to attach struts and guide??

  20. Kate Paine says:

    Can you change bits w/o taking off base plate?
    No photos in provided manual…grrrrr!
    How to attach struts and guide??

  21. Kate Paine says:

    Can you change bits w/o taking off base plate?
    No photos in provided manual…grrrrr!
    How to attach struts and guide??

  22. Jim Petersen says:

    I bought one and returned it, because bit changes are next to impossible

  23. Jose Sanchez says:

    I was looking to see this trimmer in action,clicked three previous reviews and the guys would talk you to death and not one turned on the router so it could be seen in action,should have come here first,got to see it working plus it's always good to see those who know their craft,many thanks.

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