Rustic Wall Art From Scrap Wood Salvage

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December 15, 2016
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December 15, 2016

Had a store close down in town, and I was able to get some old Wooden display cases for Free. Turned out to be White Oak, Check out the Deer Head Wall Art I created, Image was found on line searching for Deer Hear Silhouette, see how I bring it to life in Salvaged Wood



  1. Paul Meyette says:

    Cool wall hanging. Nice job Sterling

  2. that came out beautifully Sterling. That amber shellac is really nice!

  3. I like the way it came out! Once again, nice job and well done!

  4. that's great sterling ,the different grain direction really sets it off

  5. Hi Sterling. Since you are using a HF scroll saw, I thought I'd share this little hack.

  6. 2Puggles says:

    You have to love it when there's gorgeous wood hiding in the scrap pile! Beautiful work!

  7. 2Puggles says:

    You have to love it when there's gorgeous wood hiding in the scrap pile! Beautiful work!

  8. Nick Ferry says:

    I did it Sterling – different grain direction and finish looks pretty cool

  9. Adam Quincey says:

    Excellent… Beautiful piece…

  10. I love it. Nice work Sterling that came out really nice.

  11. I need to go get some spiral blades. The stock HF blades make it about like a jig saw

  12. I just did one these last weekend with different grain pattern. I didn't do a video of it cause I had a video going of a different project but its on my Facebook "allenswelding" if you would like to see it..awesome job!

  13. Looks great, nice work. I like doing silhouettes also. The two for the price of one is a big thumbs up…

  14. Mike Merzke says:

    Awesome project! You never fail to amaze. I like how you ended up with the cutout at the end.

  15. Wow that wood is just beautiful, great job!

  16. jp woodwork says:

    looks great sterling

  17. Cool! Very nice project there, Sterling!

  18. A lot of deer hunters, a lot of nature, and some more deer hunters, and then there's deer hunters. lol Great looking project Sterling!

  19. WoodRodent says:

    Very creative up cycle. The finish is spot on. That was a good score on the getting the display material. Most of the stuff I see is made out of particle board or melamine. Go Panthers

  20. Nicely done Sterling – Great tips too :-)

  21. Cool project. I like the different grain directions.

  22. Mike Fulton says:

    Cool project, I like that you have two pieces of art when done.

  23. Wow! That's awesome!

  24. That whitetail oak is real nice Sterling! 😉 That's a good two-fer project right there. Good tip with heating the nails.

  25. Very nice work sterling

  26. Sean Rubino says:

    Nice wall piece, Sterling. That was some good pallet wood you found.

  27. Great to see upcycling, not spend any doe, and make yourself a couple of bucks. Nice project Sterling.

  28. David Agney says:

    Very nice Sterling.

  29. Excellent Sterling, great job mate.
    Take care

  30. Great video, Sterling! That turned out beautiful.

  31. Very Nice Work Sterling, You always seem to amaze me with you work, Love the different grain direction. The finished piece looks Awesome, Nice work as always great video all explained very well. Thank you for sharing…

  32. MidGAOutdoor says:

    that looks sharp. if I could see well enough to scroll saw id do some of those. with my patience level id have broke more than one blade

  33. Cool showed my dad he did it and it looks pretty much awesome thanks Sterling

  34. That is really nice, one more thing to put on my list to make!

  35. Great job! What blades do you recommend for a very curvy project?

  36. mike48632 says:

    Where did you get the plan for the deer head ? That is awesome !

  37. Amigo me podrias hacer el favor de regalarme en PDF la imagen

  38. wow,wow Man nice very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. David says:

    Very nice! Where did you get that template from?

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