Scrap metal – How to make money Scraping & Recycling Metal , Tricks and Tips

The Galbert Caliper and my Pigheadedness
June 21, 2017
My Sliding Door
June 21, 2017

How to make money with Scrap Metal , Tricks and Tips from the Recycling Brothers

Me and my little brother decided to make a Video about scrapping Metal and give some tricks and Tips on how to make extra money. All this while we are actually doing a Metal run. See what we find and how easy and simple it is!

We do this 5 days a week and always on the go.

Feel free to ask questions and comments 🙂

We enjoy scrapping metal and I’ve been doing this since I got laid-off work last year.

My Brother Luc is a Tree Climber by trade, and recycles with me after work when he gets contracts.

Hope you enjoy the video, there will be more to come! 🙂

In the next couples weeks we will show you how to clean Copper , Brass , Aluminium and other precious metals and take you on are fun metal scrapping runs 🙂

Edit: This load gave us 165$ canadian.



  1. Pibb Solo says:

    thanks broz way cool

  2. DO you take the washer machine and fan seperately from the raw steel you have or all togeather?

  3. Mike M says:

    how about that un
    lit cig

  4. RochB says:

    I live in Montreal. Times are hard, It takes me at least 4 to 5 hours before I fill my pick-up. At $135/ton for metal, and the price of gas averaging $1.15/liter no one can live off of this. Where it becomes profitable is doing this part time. I registered myself as a company with the tax numbers and everything. I know that I went scrapping about ten years ago and the scrap yard paid you cash without even asking your name. You can't work under the table anymore, the governments want to own everything. Well I say screw them because we can beat them at their own game. Since now, I'm a company, I benefit from lots of fiscal deductions like 80% of my gas bills, and all of my pick-up expenses, a third of my rent is deductible. If you have a phone at home like magic-jack your cell phone becomes 100% deductible. At the end of the year you get lots of cash back.

  5. Do you see yourself as a Canadian or Quebec. Greetings from Scotland.

  6. Crowbar police rusty trailer off the road seems legit

  7. Togepi 1972 says:

    where would u go to sell this?

  8. Lunkyful says:

    Vehicle battery's are worth £5 scrap in uk.

  9. Main says:

    you laugh like that when your mom dies from metal rod falling from a trailer.. so funny not taking responsibility, and being a selfish asshole.

  10. these rookies need to learn how to have a little respect and secure their load….. not to mention only driving around on trash day is so hit or miss…. gotta supplement with networking with people and construction sites. While im driving around people are calling me to come pick up specific items… can easily make $150 american per day, by myself…. not to mention the motors and cords and other items i save for later breakdown… FYI YOUTUBE, most scrappers you see on here are rookies or part-timers, take everything they say with a grain of salt.

  11. Sonny C says:

    10 dollars for one battery is alot they're probably about half that here…i live in Ontario

  12. Sonny C says:

    i found a sewing machine once and it had a bunch of patterns in it..i just ended up scrapping it or sold it cheap i cant remember but that was one that i shouldve looked into a bit more couldve been worth something but i find alot of people like patio sets and bikes i make alot of money selling those when i find them…all sorts of stuff really but mainly those things.

  13. Chris Denney says:

    My wife gets ticked at me because I don't give her the extra money I make scrapping. When I cash in a load, I spend 1/2 of the money on silver bullion, 1/4 goes into an emergency savings account, the last 1/4 goes to a high interest savings account. She'll thank me in a couple of years. lol

  14. in ohio where I'm from they pay 2.50 dollar for copper

  15. Great video! thanks you guys!

  16. I like to a little trick of postings ads on Craigslist saying I'll move all people's metal for $50 and then take it to the scrap yard and make my money there too

  17. Darren Price says:

    It would be easier to just get a job!

  18. chicawe says:

    ayoye vous faite tellment ma journée les gars ! ma vie est maintenant complète 🙂

  19. njnya says:

    This actually looks like fun…

  20. william jude says:

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  21. Where the hell is the speed limit 100mph!?

  22. Landon Brown says:

    so right now it's 420, he says, as he's smoking

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