Storage box from thin recycled plywood

Building a huge reclaimed oregon (douglas fir) outdoor table (part 1)
October 13, 2017
Nick Offerman Woodworking Non-profit Matching Grant
October 17, 2017

How to make a box from plywood that is not thick or strong enough for traditional joinery



  1. Wow that is cool, I like it

  2. Excelente trabajo colega….te mando un saludo …

  3. Nugglashine says:

    i always watch matthias's videos when i have anxiety and it helps so much because he is always pretty calm and i like watching the wood cutting

  4. Havu M says:

    the ending was really cute!!

  5. Tonjevic says:

    Is the sawdust to fill gaps, or is there some other reason for it?

  6. kentao21 says:

    Steve Ramsey claims that Titebond II is the strongest wood glue. You should test if that is true.

  7. Hey Matthias! I know you are a genius, so I want to know if you can try to make this table, it would be amazing 🙂

    Pd: It's an actual gif of the table working.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  8. Rory Jakobs says:

    Thoroughly approve of those carpet feet (I too, have wooden floors) along with the jointing methods employed 😀

  9. Big Pola says:

    Matthias just a suggestion on a project video you should make a whole project only using routers.

  10. Budiawan says:

    This video inspired me to make many project with plywood. Thanks Mathias …

  11. Ryan Gases says:

    can you make a wooden foldable bed for tiny houses?

  12. Keep up the good work ! Love watching your videos

  13. Matthias, I think your idea with the corner pieces would work great for the new garden boxes I will need to make for my sister next summer. the old ones were 1×6 cedar boards joined to a 2×2 corner piece which of course was too small. My question is this. What is the original size of the corner pieces?

  14. I always wondered about the sawdust bit for cleaning up glue squeeze out so I tried it on my last project and it worked like a dirty damn. Thank you

  15. Mr. Wandel, What were you thinking? Your work is about 10X this.

  16. "You can never have too many clamps."

  17. Nice joint, although screws are visible from the sides. This could have looked better with pocket hole screws. I always enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work

  18. i was wondering if you can biuld homemade chain mortiser.
    I think that will be huge.

  19. Fredrik J says:

    Excellent! I will try it on a new project today – a squirrel nest box!

  20. plunder1956 says:

    Because this structure (especially in two contrasting tones) looks so nice. I think you could possibly sell the idea to a company like IKEA as a standard construction format. It is YET ANOTHER interesting idea.

  21. Van Ram says:

    please design a wooden pc case

  22. Nanopea says:

    i just found your channel and i must say major props to you! keep up the good work man!

  23. I enjoyed watching this video very much. It was interesting to see how to strengthen the corners of plywood but using your technique. Very cool 🙂 From MY Channel to YOUR Channel I hope for you to have the VERY BEST Year Ever in 2016!!
    Shelly Cole~Know What Mom Knows

  24. Sorokaphon says:

    курлы мурлы

  25. Andrew Marks says:

    that's a really neat corner post 🙂

  26. Kühn says:

    very nice corners 🙂

  27. How to sharpen tools and drills?

  28. You are a very talented person – cheers!

  29. Nick J says:

    I love the paper weights 🙂

  30. Will Miles says:

    What, no pocket holes??

  31. Mark Young says:

    Here's another way using the screw advance box joint jig…

  32. i hate when that happens xdxd

  33. good job man. I'm going to have to try that out

  34. You're such an inspiration! Subscribed!

  35. Nice, but can you make a Video about screws for example witch typs of screws good for witch wood and witch bits typs are do you use…. : D Paul Germany

  36. Rob I says:

    Matthias, you've had several people ask you this question but without an ANSWER as of yet….What size block of wood do you to start out with for the corner pieces? Is it a 2 x 2? 1 1/2 x 1 1/2? Help us out here.

  37. Uriel Valdez says:

    You always take woodworking to the next level, Love it!

  38. Hi Matthias, i love this video and i made my first box like this one 🙂 i made a box for my plungesaw and it is perfect…. thx alot from Denmark 🙂

  39. In the video you say this plywood (looks to be about 1/2 in) is too thin for a rabbet to be strong joinery. Are rabbets strong enough to use on 3/4 plywood?

  40. Olaf Unti says:

    Can anyone tell me why I love Mathias' videos so much?
    I am a electical engineer and will never do woodworking and stuff but i can't stop warching his videos…

    Halp! Pls somebody halp me!! I am addicted

  41. Alias KaSiin says:

    I was so happy when I saw you using that method. I used pretty much the same method with my nightstand. I had very limited space between the bed and the wall so I tried to save as much space as possible by using very thin material. I only had 30cm of space (width) to fit the 2-drawer nightstand so I used 5mm thick plywood (so the inner width of the drawers was about 27,5 cm, a little room left for the drawers to actually slide) and to connect the sides and sides and bottoms of the drawers I cut long triangle-shaped pieces of wood to hold everything together from inside corners. Some glue, short screws, a bit of panic and done. Because I overlapped the plywood in the corners means the plywood edge is still visible in some places but because the drawers are closed all the time anyway I don't care. It was my first ever woodworking project and I only had extremely bad material, nonexistent workbench and plenty of scrweups but I succeeded (after about 3 tries). And I'm really-really happy seeing you "validating" that method.

  42. That's cool , u can always use a saw to cut tha wood .

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