The $20 Rustic Headboard – DIY Project

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December 26, 2016
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December 27, 2016

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Queen-Sized Headboard dimensions: 62w x 56 3/4h

Lumber dimensions for alternative bed sizes (the assembly process remains the same:

Twin (39″ wide bed):
2x4s: two 56″ pieces
1x10s: three 41″ pieces (instead of 62″ in the video)
1x4s: one 42″ piece (instead of 63″ in the video)
two 41″ pieces (instead of 62″ in the video)
two 20 3/4″ pieces
Full (54″ wide bed):
2x4s: two 56″ pieces
1x10s: three 56″ pieces (instead of 62″ in the video)
1x4s: one 57″ piece (instead of 63″ in the video)
two 56″ pieces (instead of 62″ in the video)
two 20 3/4″ pieces
King (76″ wide bed):
2x4s: two 56″ pieces
1x10s: three 78″ pieces (instead of 62″ in the video)
1x4s: one 79″ piece (instead of 63″ in the video)
two 78″ pieces (instead of 62″ in the video)
two 20 3/4″ pieces
California King (72′ wide bed):
2x4s: two 56″ pieces
1x10s: three 74″ pieces (instead of 62″ in the video)
1x4s: one 75″ piece (instead of 63″ in the video)
two 74″ pieces (instead of 62″ in the video)
two 20 3/4″ pieces




  1. And Sailing says:

    These people are waaaay too fond of nails.
    Get a Kreg Jig and use screws. They will last a lot longer.

  2. lovely job an I love your choice of music … keep it up , you are showing me easy ways to make things , an most of all save lots of money an be proud of what i made .. thank you so very much , an have a bless day

  3. I am making this headboard in a king size; however, I want to make it 72" in height. So I know I would need to increase the length of my 2×4's to 72", would I also need to add another 1×10? I know if I do add another 1×10 I will need to increase the length of the two 1×4's that were 20 3/4 to 36 3/4, can you confirm that this is correct?

  4. These guys are great!! I built this headboard and put it in my daughters room whose off in college. EVERYBODY that sees this headboard LOVES it and are amazed that I, (well with your AWESOME video)…WE, did it!!

  5. I don't get it, why you have to smash the wood @@ really wonder why, please tell me, thank you :D

  6. I am brazilian and I loved your projects, I of course will gona do same mobiles! Congratiolations for your criativite!

  7. Jason Lee says:

    Good looking build but the $20 price tag is an outright lie. It will cost 3x that even for the smaller size bed builds.

  8. Theresa Dean says:

    Great Job! But where did you buy your wood to get it for $20??

  9. shes pretty. The woman too.

  10. The music is awsome too! Who produced it?

  11. Chris Hubert says:

    Loved the video, it was very creative and rustic, but unless you purchased your lumber at a discounted rate, you can't even build a full version of this head board for under fifty dollars. I took your measurements for a full head board to both Lowes and Home Depot and priced what I would need to build it, and it was closer to 60 than to twenty. This was just for standard pine boards. Thanks for the video.

  12. STAINS 1 says:

    whats the name of that music

  13. Nore Mac says:

    I'm using this guide this weekend, thank you. And I didn't know you guys were local? SUBBED

  14. Natalie A says:

    Like the project but there is no way it comes in at $20 even without stain or nail/screw/glue costs.

  15. pedro ramos says:

    this is bad ass thanx

  16. moonblink says:

    I want to make one now!

  17. Sean McEwen says:

    Nice work,do you ever wear shoes,lol

  18. ajitthebond says:

    Any plans on building a bed frame. I improvised your design and added some cushion to the head board. Keep doing good work.

  19. Nedzad Cavka says:

    cool project but willfully misleading people into saying this is a $20 earns you a thumbs down. It's not just this video either.. pretty much every video is way more expensive than what the title indicates.

  20. Loved the model pose on the bed at the end

  21. DeWayne says:

    I like the music. Where can I get this song?

  22. +therehablife

    Awesome creation! My wife has been wanting a headboard for a little while now.. thanks for the inspiration!

    Btw… wish I knew the name of the song or where to download it ;)

  23. Project DIY says:

    whats the name of the music?

  24. junkman 81 says:

    I built this today. First project for me and enjoyed it. Now deciding which stain to use. Thanks for the easy instructions.

  25. hello. I just realized that this is for a queen bed. what would the measurements be for a king size bed.

  26. neuweiher says:

    I love your video, thanks for giving us great tutorials.
    Would you like to make a farm house bed diy?
    Warm regards from Germany

  27. Danny M says:

    You mean the $80 rustic headboard?

  28. Ruby Ervin says:

    You need to build a pair of saw horses so you can get off the floor.

  29. Andrea Davis says:

    Hi! This looks fantastic! I am new to DIY projects, so how would I measure my California king to know what size to cut the wood? Also, if I wanted to finish it in a distressed white should I stain it first or skip that process? Thank you!

  30. good job guys……love all your builds….keep em coming ;)

  31. Does she come with the bed?

  32. Lumber cost for a queen size bed was $27.53 at Menard's here in southern Ohio. Price does not include stain, nails, or screws.

  33. Magma fire says:

    i want to lick your feet……mmmmm

  34. Olá ! Sou brasileiro e acompanho seus vídeos sempre. Sou apaixonado por marcenaria.Parabéns pelos belos trabalhos!

  35. I love your floors. Are they laminate, where did you get them from?

  36. Sunny day says:

    So simple, love it, thanks guys!

  37. Kelly Reed says:

    this so funny I stumbled on you guys video cause we are getting the new queen size purple bed this year and a head board would be a cool project.. I like how all your staining match and love the old wood look with some industrial taste.. yeah rustic look..

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