The Green Toolbelt Reclaimed Lumber Mantel Project with Artist Kermit McCourt

red metal and reclaimed wood bench by tim sway perspectives
March 7, 2017
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March 9, 2017


  1. erodviorato says:

    What is that you are heating with the torch? Nice video btw!!

  2. Hi, we started with a metal brush, then 80 grit, then a planer, then back to 80 and on up the stages to 400, then a finish with a french polish and a few linseed oil.

  3. The torch was heating the decorative caps for the all-thread rods we used for install.

  4. Awesome my nephews! What beautiful work! You need to come down so I can commision you to do something for me. San Diego anyone?

  5. staalmaffia says:

    do you have any tips on removing broken off screws out of oak boards?

  6. pmidz says:

    great work. now you just need to take down that ugly TV

  7. Kelly Ward says:

    So GORGEOUS!!!,,all from reclaimed wood,,EVEN Better!!!

  8. Phillip Dean says:

    Hi, what finish did you put on that? Looks great.

  9. el1061 says:

    Nice idea but it didn't have the outcome I was expecting   It just doesn't go with  that wall

  10. Those bolts though.  Hmmmm. 

  11. paul schuetz says:

    what was the finish you put on that it looks great

  12. Mega370z says:

    hi, what brand or where I can buy the lever that you use to get your nails from wood?excuse my English

  13. Eugen Ion says:

    Beautiful… and what is the name of second song?? thx

  14. Nice dude! sick saw as well

  15. Lee Goins says:

    awesome job….never thought about doing it myself….until now.

    I just came across approx. 10 old barn wood boards (about 85-90 years old) about 10 inches wide and 1 inch thick, thick I may have to try this out.

    How long did you let the glue dry before trying to work with the beam??

  16. beautiful creation. The finish really brought out and accentuated the character and "history" of the reclaimed wood.

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  18. Paul Darlong says:

    Did anyone get Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible yet? I think he's still looking for proof readers. At least that's what I read in a blog after googling him.

  19. Rita de Beer says:

    green tool belt is fantastic !!!!!

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