Tool Sharpening with a MODIFIED Worksharp 3000 and Review -Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs #6

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March 15, 2017
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March 17, 2017



Stumpy turns his Work Sharp 3000 into a super-duper sharpening machine that works without sandpaper and accepts Tormek jigs. Then turns his sarcasm loose on the viewer emails! (Who knew handplanes and popcorn had so much in common…)



  1. HRRLutherie says:

    I'm getting mine on Friday (I hope), I can't wait!

  2. lunhil12 says:

    I'm a woodworker who knows how to sharpen his tools and I think that little machine is great. I have their drill doctor and it's fine.

  3. Part 3
    Stanley started mass producing planes in 1870. The company priced its product competitively and had a nationwide network for distribution.

  4. Part 2
    Most planes used in America before 1800 came from England. Between 1810 and 1840, plane makers began to appear in Philadelphia and New York City.

  5. Part 1
    Historians disagree on who first invented the woodworking plane. Whether it was the Hebrews, the Egyptians, or the Romans is up for debate. Crude examples have been found in archaeological excavations in all three areas.

  6. Jim Mitchell says:

    I actually sold my tormek in favor of the WS 3000. No I didnt have a fever… I just liked this system better (Not having water for me was a plus) Your updates make me feel even better…. Call me crazy…..

  7. please also tell us whether or not ancient romans invented the drywall screw, since you can't seem to recognize a joke when you hear one

  8. Great video and thanks for using one of my photos (wide chisel)! 😉

    I really like the jig you've made. I did buy one of their platforms but immediately realised the honing guide was just like many others. I've also found that MDF discs work well. Do you still have enough room to use the slotted wheel comfortably?

  9. Stumpy Nubs says:

    Yes, the slotted wheel works fine. Send me your email address to midwesterntradingco at hotmail dot com and I'll send you free plans since your photo got used!

  10. wow awesome!
    best thing :
    when i dont wanna buy things so i make it!
    cool man but what is with your equippment ?
    when did you buy good stuff for HD?

  11. You should have an email. Thank you.

  12. Don White says:

    Nice. How do you deal with the switch and adjustment knob with it up against the left wall of the disc enclosure? An outboard switch?

  13. Stumpy Nubs says:

    It hasn't been a problem. It's not too tight to reach.

  14. how did you mount the jet jig

  15. Stumpy Nubs says:

    I don't know if I showed it in another video, but I attached a couple pieces of steel rod to a wood block and fastened it to the back. Next weekend we are doing a whole new sharpening show and I'll try and show a closeup of it.

  16. leftpawdog says:

    very cool I had been on a few blade making websites and trying to learn how to quickly sharpen. At this very moment I have a HF 6" buffer in the box in my garage and planned to purchase paper wheels. I also have the cheaper HF 1×30 Belt sander and planned to purchase a series of belts for it. I am seriously considering taking both back in favor of buying a WS3000 which I had not researched. I am interested in quickly putting beautiful edges on my folding knifes. Thank you!

  17. Stumpy Nubs says:

    We're doing a two episode followup to this starting in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

  18. Mostly Wood says:

    How thick are the MDF disks you made for this? Thanks.

  19. They are a half inch jake

  20. Stumpy Nubs says:

    Sorry, I didn't see his question. Thanks for answering it for me! 🙂

  21. Mostly Wood says:

    Ohh yeah; Thanks. I had missed that. Well, Stumpy, via your facebook inbox I sent you some pictures of my version. Probably in your "Other" inbox section.

  22. just shattered my 30.00 glass wheel for my worksharp..your MDF wheels still holding up?

  23. Hey Stumpy, I saw a web page a couple years ago where this guy built his own CNC router and a lathe that was about 8 ft long for making porch posts. Now after a hard drive crash I cannot find the page. This might be a good project in the future.

    This lathe the guy made had an attachment that his router mounted onto and he could route while he turned. Was an awesome looking rig. Have you seen this page?

  24. Nice Video. Just what I was looking for on the work sharp 3000. Couldn't make up my mind on what sharpening system to buy, but was leaning toward the 3000. Your video showing how and what you can do with it with a little customizing is just what I needed to pull the trigger on the 3000. I've already ordered the Jet jig for it and will order the system next. Thanks.

  25. The finest hand planes were used around 2000 years ago or more.  The Carpenter Y'shuh (aka "Jesus") may well have had one, since it was the Romans who were producing them.  Over a hundred odd years ago, a Scottish business resurrected the design somewhat, and we can buy these old planes on ebay.  Norris and Spiers among others, made these "Infill" planes.  They can take shavings of 3 thou. or less!!!

  26. i tried to use popcorn but it just dont work

  27. John Ruko says:

    Do you think this would work with wood lathe tools?

  28. Anyone know the source for the $20 Jet bar extension?

  29. David K says:

    at 2:32 i can see the underneath the sharpening plate is open. i don't have worksharp2000. how did you have that open space. i need that open space for free hand seeing through sharpening as you do that at 2:32.

  30. How do you adjust the angle settings on the Work Sharp since it is mounted close to the vertical support. I can see being able to turn on and off, but can't see how the numbers are able to be seen. Thanks

  31. labrat7357 says:

    Hey Stumpy, that is a bargin for the WS-3000. In Australia they are $450.

  32. Dave Van Ess says:

    You said Black is equiv to 220 grit.
    What is the equiv grit for the other 3 colors.


  33. can you use this sharpener on barber clipper blades? If so can you demonstrate please

  34. TiTiDianeN says:

    does he has a liver? lol

  35. David Clink says:

    What I don't like about this system for lathe tools is the free hand part. If you have a tool with a set angle then maybe you can get it to work ok. If you have a 45 and want to do a 60 degree fingernail may be a chalange. Adapting something like a Wolvering jig to this device may have merit. I just don't do enough hand chisel stuff to see the value.

  36. what about a strop? any ides on how to attatch the leather to mdf?

  37. vincent7520 says:

    Which part of your liver they didn't want ?

  38. jon Q says:

    Well your production value has certainly increased….

  39. Aaron Moore says:

    Doesn't the chisels and blades make grooves in the msg there by taking away the "flat surface"?

  40. your hair looks like Barts when Marge makes him do it weird for church on Sundays

  41. RONNIEJNZN says:

    Great vids, thank you ! 2 WorkSharp questions. Do you know if it is a brush or brushless motor so a router speed control could be used on it ? And the other question is do you have a way to do leather honing on the inside curved edges of lathe gouges ? Is there a way to rig the Tormek leather profiling wheels to the disc and then slow it down with the speed controller ? It might be too out of balance at the WorkSharp speed. Or could I or you turn an MDF disc tall at the perimeter with the profiles turned into it and covered with compound ? Almost looking like a bowl with the mounting bolt in the center . Thanks, later.

  42. Tin Man says:

    Good job. Have any luck sharpening knives on that rig?

  43. Jim Bo says:

    You don't need sandpaper if you buy diamond discs. You don't need a honing guide if you use the the slot under the wheel set at the bevel you want. The honing guide defeats the object of the machine. Using the slot provided gives you the same bevel every time. The bevel changes a small amount with each use with the honing guide.

  44. I'm considering a WS3000, thanks for the great info. I'm sooo happy I listened through to the end of the video. The Egyptian comment was hilarious, and followed up by the maple humidity guy (good grief!). Now I feel the need to watch all of your videos. Thanks again for the insight.

  45. Copied this with some minor adjustments that suit me. The only concern I have with this set up is that I need a dental mirror to see which bevel angle setting I'm at, it's blocked by the board on the left side of the disk holder. Of course I could easily just start at the top and work my way down one at a time till I get to the one I want. Minor gripe. Other than that, thank you for another great posting.

  46. Jim Bo says:

    Thanks for the history lesson, but you should quote sources. More of the same please.

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