Upcycled Garden Furniture Ideas Scrap Metal Art by Raymond Guest

Local Reclaimed Wood Projects
December 15, 2016
✔ DiResta Reclaimed Wood Table
December 15, 2016

Upcycled Garden Furniture Ideas Scrap Metal Art Man Cave Tailgate Bench and Upcycled Garden Furniture Ideas by Raymond Guest at Recycled Salvage Design http://www.recycledsalvage.com

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  1. Good luck at the harley show next week. I mean it.great pieces ray.

  2. ricikeri says:

    Nice work friend…wish you the best….

  3. Recycled Salvage Design 

  4. Seu trabalho  é lindo, gostei muito….

  5. brmc1england says:


  6. MG Boa says:

    You Sir are very talented !

  7. Jon Blake says:

    I wished I could weld. I've always wanted to learn.  Good job on your projects..they're wonderful.

  8. Jon Blake says:

    Its good to see Americans doing this kinds of stuff still. Instead of buying junk from China. I love it.

  9. James Cowing says:

    your genius keep going :)

  10. ilosittotx says:

    Those benches need to be in a museum …. That is beautiful talent you got there

  11. jzz says:

    Good job ladies.
    joe from detroit

  12. Joe Hanson says:

    I love the style and the use of old stuff. I hate seeing good stuff just sitting in a field. The benches don't look comfortable though. I'd probably angle the back and maybe make a cushion for the seat but that can be a lot more work and making upholstery is an entirely different skill set. Maybe combine the tailgate with a truck bench seat top. I'd like to see what you do with a mailbox though.

  13. Nice ! You should sell your art !

  14. David Evans says:

    love the benches mate, lovely craftsmanship, I make lamps, tables, shelves out of copper no where near as nice as your's though. What sort of money do you ask for the benches?? let's just say the chevy one for instance??

  15. JA GH says:

    Behind amazing furniture, comes with an amazing mind. RSD keep creating!!! And cheers!

  16. joe miller says:

    Nice work! Please don't kant you camera, keep it level…getting sea sick.

  17. Nice designs. I hope you can collect the high prices in heaven. Values go up after the artist passes. Funny how that works.

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