Video Tour of the Disneyland Resort Ironwork (Wrought Iron Fences & Gates)

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May 28, 2017
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For years I’ve always had an appreciation for the decorative ironwork at Disneyland and later the California Adventures Park and Resort hotels. The volume of work is impressive, there must be miles and miles of quality iron work at the resort. The variety of the work is impressive too. Many of the gates and rails are made using traditional blacksmith techniques as newer parts of the park have introduced design elements made available through the use of modern CNC technology.

This is by no mean definitive. There is a LOT more work that could be show cased and should be. Many great examples of work were simply skipped in the interest of time and convenience, this was an impromptu project after all.

Through-out the video I have tagged where the ironwork can be found in relation to the nearest land, street or attraction and is not necessarily an example of the exact attraction mentioned. For example: in the subset of Buena Vista Street in California Adventures, I didn’t bother detailing, “just outside the bathrooms across from Award Wieners.” You get the idea.

The video is rough and if there’s enough interest in this, I might consider returning with a tripod and a better camera to get better imagery.

“Revival” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



  1. My wife thinks its funny that I stop and look at how things are made. I'm in the process of making my first wrought iron gate. Thank you for the cool video!

  2. I just recently purchased a Main Street Wrought Iron Bench at an estate sale.  Going to restore….

  3. Rusty Myers says:

    Very cool!  Thank you for making this video. i have been meaning to visit disneyland for the purpose of admiring the iron work in hopes of gaining inspiration and ideas…so  Thanks again.

  4. There not stopping to look at the iron work because there to angry from standing in line for and hour to get on 1 of the dam rides.

  5. Serious amount of effort and time went into these, especially the older ones, thanks for sharing the video

  6. findvoltage says:

    Did you measure the sections of fencing to see if they had the Fibonacci sequence, wait… dont tell me you never took notice of it! might want to look right into that Fibonacci sequence business, it is a real asset to any company once understood. Real cool video Justin, i like the channel very much.

  7. nice video, love these Ironworks

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