Wall-mounted wine rack made from recycled wood

Recycled Iron Sculpture: Rooster | Dan Klennert
February 18, 2017
Big Announcement – UPDATE
February 20, 2017

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This semi-rustic wine rack will display and store three bottles of wine and four glasses. I made mine using wood re-purposed from old storage shelves in my shop.

Free plans: http://woodworking.formeremortals.net/2014/10/wall-mounted-wine-rack/


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  1. I have learned much from Steve you love your designs I want to thank from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU MY FRIEND …

  2. WTF Ramsey!? I thought you were an Oakland fan? I almost choked on my food when I saw you in those hideous colors. You should take that shirt off and burn it immediately. Thanks keep up the good work.

  3. Any other way besides tweeter to ask questions

  4. I love the work you do, Woodworking is my hobbie and my wife loves the things I do… i am going to make the back of the wine rack the home plate from the NY Yankees for my man's cave.   I subscribed to your videos and I am looking forward to learn from you… thanks Segeant First Class Sanchez U S Army

  5. Wow they wear weird clothes in Serbia!

  6. salense1 says:

    Please Steve, what the tool name that appears in 0:06 ?

  7. hasdrubal121 says:

    Really nice project Steve, have to do it. I like what you do keep it up, thanks for sharing.

  8. Steve, I did it and give as a Chrystmas gift. Everybody loved it. Thanks. I m brazilian and watch your youtube channel.

  9. He's wearing a 49ers shirt but he has raiders stickers all over his tools

  10. Simon Lewis says:

    Great! Can I please borrow your circular saw, router, band saw and bench drill and bits ???

  11. You really inspired kids like me

  12. JerryMcMads says:

    You are great Steve i really like the objects you make but you should never put a bottle of wine upside down. You mix the residuals in the bottom of the bottle and you ruin the wine.

  13. Meno Deno says:

    I''ve tried watching some of these other wood workers, but they are so boring to listen to. You have a way that makes it neat to watch

  14. Kris Phoenix says:

    what is the highest number on the Ramsey-scale? 5 or 10?

  15. Se você traduzir para o português eu te agradeço

  16. It's  very nice I see you in México

  17. Angie C says:

    Hello Steve! Could you please do a "different ways to mount and hang things on the wall" type video? Thank you so much for all your videos!

  18. Looks awesome but i trink it would look better with a square. Gonna give it a try later. Thank you!!

  19. irlrp says:

    Holala ! Wine bottles are supposed to be stocked flat and in a dark place ! I'm so shocked !

  20. small forstner bits look hilarious

  21. John Moreno says:


  22. Steve, you need some new clamps:-)

  23. Send the measurements please, good job

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