Wood Recycling with Paul Sellers

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January 19, 2017
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January 21, 2017

Join Paul on his trip to Oxford Wood Recycling to select some second hand wood to make a work bench from. He talks through his process for wood selection and things to look out for when re-using wood.

For more information see https://paulsellers.com and http://oxfordwoodrecycling.org.uk/



  1. you are English, why say 3 x 4 like Americans do ?

  2. I've said it once, I'll say it again.
    Paul, you're awesome.

  3. Alan Mumford says:

    What a fabulous resource that place is! I wish there was something like that in my area. About the most I can hope for now is some used pallets. (That reminds me… a few years ago, I stumbled across some old pallets made from 5 inch wide oak boards. And, I got them free. A bit dinged, but they were just beautiful when planed up. What a find that was!)

  4. Tome4kkkk says:

    I'm moving abroad. I didn't know which place to choose. Now I'm going to draw 10 km circles on a map, around such recycling centres to narrow down my choices :)

  5. Great to see the master – 're-invent' himself. That place looks like my dream shop, unfortunately no wood recycling centre here where I live in Ireland, Cork. But looking forward to see what paul makes on a budget.

  6. TeleWacker says:

    I really like recycled wood. I salvaged a bunch of old hard pine shiplap from an old farm house that was built in 1929. After planing, the wood is beautiful. I made some tables out of it.

  7. Tom Legrady says:

    I have been planning on making a workbench based on your old video series, so I'm glad to see you're re-visiting it.

    One "complaint" I have is the number of clamps needed for laminating the top. I have 2 @ 36" clamps with 3/4" pipe, the solid handle ones, and 2 @ 24" x 1/2" with the sliding bar handle. To get me up to the 11 you use, I need 7 sets of hardware, $25 each at Home Depot Canada, plus pipe, or $9 each for hardware from HarborFrieght .. plus shipping and customs duties. $100 – $200 not including the pipe itself.

    I was considering the idea of taking a sheet of plywood. and some 2×4 to make a clamping fixture. I'm thinking of a 6 foot bench, 24" wide with a tool tray beyond. So imagine a sheet of 3/4" plywood, with 3 @ 2×4 underneath to make it rigid, and 2 @ 2×4 on top couple inches wider than the top I want to laminate. Then a bunch of 4 inch high shims, in pairs, to wedge it tight. If the lower 2×4 was positioned just right, you could have some holes in the plywood into the 2×4, and 3/4 " dowels as dogs to stiffen one side; hammer the shim from the other side to tighten.

    When it's all done, you can use the plywood for a shelf underneath the bench, and use the 2×4 for parts of the legs or related understructure. I'm considering having 2×4 cross bars under the top, as a sort of torsion-box arrangement, so it won't be wasted.

    I suppose it's far to late to affect your video schedule, but it would be great to see you use only the clamps that I have available 🙂


  8. duby4life says:

    Wow, A wood recycling place is a great idea for a company. I've never heard of anything like that on the East coast of the US. What a great way to cut down on waste and be practical.

  9. Dan Menz says:

    Excellent video! We need some places like this in the states.

  10. caahacky says:

    Arent nails a real problem. If they are snapped off flush you really chew the wood up to get at them – if you can see them.

  11. DaveD says:

    Well said Paul! People should stop wasting. It should be allowed to take away scrap for reuse instead of forbid it. here in the UK if u take away some scrap from a bin/container/somewhere which is obviously scrap for reuse it, they call you thief instead of recycler.

  12. Look forward to see the "recycled" workbench…

  13. Hunter E says:

    Envious, around here reclaimed wood is generally MORE expensive than new, when you can find it at all, unless you manage to luck in to finding it through unofficial channels. Still really attracted by the idea of working with second-hand woods, especially for certain woods I wouldn't feel good buying new for sustainability reasons.

  14. Glyn Tutt says:

    So right you are Paul. Wood is the future and we all need to use it more and over and over.

  15. Chris Jakins says:

    I'm in the area next week. I might have to check this place out. My current workbench is a hollow door balanced on a fridge! Thanks for these videos Paul. My late grandfather was a carpenter and wood turner and I've inherited some of his tools which has sparked an interest for me. I'm learning a great deal from this channel.

  16. Awesome! I built my workbench, saw bench, and workshop shelving from reclaimed wood too. It's hard to prep by hand, but for me it was part of the learning process. Looking forward to seeing this progress Paul!

  17. wildetz60 says:

    33,000 views in 4 Days – shows the respect and interest this man's work attracts.

  18. Chris Wood says:

    Wow I would love to visit that store!!!! That is a great deal. I'm trying to find something similar around me in the Florida panhandle. Congratulations on the book being out, I received an email about it and can't wait to read it.

  19. Thanks Paul, what a bizaare coincidence – i was just looking these guys up the other day as it's really close to my father-in-law, Must pop in and have a rummage around.

  20. Beautiful video, Paul.
    The idea with the recycling timber makes me happy.
    I know not at all if it so here in Germany, a timber trade.
    Because entres wood for small budget.

  21. Here in the USA, a person who installs kitchen cabinets, interior doors, base boards, door casing, crown molding and stair rails and treads is called a 'trim carpenter' sometimes a 'finish carpenter'. (this is typically done in houses and apartments.) If someone has this profession in the UK or England, what is the name of their profession? A joiner? thanks

  22. John Burkitt says:

    Love the idea of recycling wood. Wish there was such a place around me in the USA.

  23. MrSbenn69 says:

    I went to one of these 'recycling' places once… Got told price was £10 per metre for some scrappy old pine…., told him he could stick his wood up the tailpipe of the M5 he had parked in the car park….
    Really need to watch the prices and keep clear of the salvage merchants who see customers as walking wallets, cos it's vintage innit!

  24. If you are looking for something like Oxford Wood Recycling check out the links on http://www.wiltshirewoodrecycling.org.uk/links/

  25. Mike Tickle says:

    Thanks for the video – I live in gloucestershire so this is not far from me. When you are not buying second hand where do your source your wood?

  26. Scott Haney says:

    This place is amazing! Thanks for sharing, Paul.

  27. Joseph Palas says:

    Paul that's my favorite way to get stock, recycled materials.  That was a real pleasure.  I have a question. I love the guitar music you use for you videos. Who is the artist, and what is the song title? thanks!

  28. Frogman D. says:

    I wish we had such places in Florida.

  29. Holly Helton says:

    I wish there was a store like that around where i live i would go there to buy my wood. Its cheaper and good for the environment. I think that it would be better than having to go to Lowes

  30. zero_sum says:

    Would love if there was one of these near me. 99% sure there isn't, nearly make me think of starting one to be honest though I'd be a dealer getting high of my own supply haha

  31. There's a whole bunch of jarrah planks sitting in my dad's shed that he wants to make a table from, but has never got around to it. I want to make it for him.

  32. Joe Dov says:

    awesome Paul.I need a recycled wood store here in the states as well Willem.

  33. Anybody have any thoughts on worm or woodworm? I have quite a big of old wood from my dad, but some has worm. From what I understand in the late Spring the beetles bore out of the wood (leaving the holes). They lay eggs on the surface of the wood which are impregnated by the male or female which are flying around. However they are mostly attracted to damp or sap wood (but not exclusively). So any flying insect could potentially enter your house and your furniture could get worm though the dryness of the average home and lack of wet sap wood would make it a boring place for woodworm.

    The word worm killer just coats the surface and when the eggs are laid the lave ingests the treated wood on the surface and is killed in that way, thus stopping the cycle. If you varnish or paint then then the worm can't penetrate. Hope I've understood this correctly. In terms of house, wouldn't all joist and roofing be treated against worm in the beginning; obviously not on older houses.?

  34. Why do all woodworking videos usually if not exclusively feature instrumental acoustic guitar music? I do like it however… just curious.

  35. nettles89 says:

    I never would have though to even look for something like this. Some quick googling, and I find one in the town where I live! Thanks so much for this tip, Paul!

  36. Chris H says:

    Awesome value. Started watching your videos last week Paul. Can't put them down!

  37. Ollie S says:

    I got some great old pitch pine from large old roof beams from this place. It made a wonderfull table with lovely colour. They had some great old teak and all sorts of elm and oak too. I will certainly go back again.

  38. Dave East says:

    Whats the name of this place Paul? Im near abingdon, and wouldnt mind visiting,
    By the way, I started woodworking last year and am learning LOADS from you!

  39. Oxbow Farm says:

    What a great store, I hope this business model catches on in more places. Someplace near me.

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