Working With Reclaimed Wood

Mixed Salvaged Metal and Reclaimed Wood Tables Add A Rustic Industrial Look to Any Space
December 19, 2016
Maximize Small Spaces with Wood Room Dividers
December 19, 2016

Reclaimed wood has lots of features that make it worth bringing into your shop; its history, the wood’s character, and availability of species you may not be able to get otherwise.



  1. airwood99 says:

    even old oak fence posts while rotten at base can be 80% re-used for woodwork and often given away free.

  2. Hi George , I have a question. With the big slab you have your arm on, if you were to cut slabs from it would toy cut them from the side as it sits on your table or from the top? Never mind the size I just want to know which way would give you the strongest cut piece? Or is there a difference? Thanks

  3. Some older buildings in Arkansas were made from red oak. Just picture that yellow pine beam made from oak.

  4. Greg Teagle says:

    George thanks for the info. I agree reclaim wood is the best.

  5. Mike Kapotsy says:

    good info George. Is that an Eagle Scout badge on the backboard on your wall?

  6. That old growth wood is the best, but I'm still reluctant to run it thru my machines.(BTW, lead based paint would be pretty hard to brush or spray. Kidding of course, but paint is oil based or water based. Lead is not a solvent, binder, carrier, or resin. Small amounts of lead were used as pigments or driers. Unfortunate term, and really only a concern if there are toddlers in the environment.)

  7. belmontej1 says:

    What ever happen to the new guy that looked like the nutty professor?

  8. Jason Roets says:

    I think using reclaimed wood is the best. Especially timber that has been used in construction. I am not referring to pallets which for the most part is junk. I have gotten some fur that I still haven't used as to me it's very valuable

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