3 Ancient Hand Tools Japanese Carpenters Still Use

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November 14, 2017
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November 18, 2017

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  1. josh pittman says:

    Anybody else disappointed that bare foot dude kept all his toes?

  2. I never seen those Japanese woodworkers sanding their pieces

  3. >title is in english
    >text is in slavic moonrunes

  4. Catnium says:

    your all missing the point here .. the people in this vid aren't hobbyists in their back garden with their privat tool collection and carpeting projects for in and around the house and to pass the time .. what you see here is serious production work. unlike us who machine everything nowadays when we need to make mass production

  5. Red Machine says:

    people still use this for work ? they'll save a ton of money with a saw

  6. Kevser K says:

    I know traditionally made woodwork has a charm but why waste time when there are much faster and cheaper machine work around?

  7. giarcareklaw says:

    Settle petals , the subject matter is " Still Use "

  8. Ypacaraí says:

    First one called "Yoki", second "Yariganna" (=Spear plane). Don't know about third one.

  9. bare feet , razor sharp axe , balanced on a log …what could possibly go wrong ? amazing accuracy …thank you for posting these beautiful videos .

  10. D0mi Pk says:

    I hope, that that guy using the axe in the end is never going to hurt his feet by working on that tree. i know hes a professional but anyway 😉

  11. Dont Do It says:

    I use a billhook for hedge laying. exactly the same design a roman auxiliary would have used . Most traditional iron hand tools are ancient. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  12. Dont Do It says:

    If Japan was so clever in the making of steel how come they didn't have glass until the introduction of it from the west in the 19thC. too busy cutting the lower classes heads off with sharp swords.

  13. Guys swinging an axe with bare feet, idiot….

  14. Précision are good for the foot

  15. gary24752 says:

    What is the tool being used to flatten the surface of a timber beam?

  16. dude is about to loose a toe

  17. Rc Dragon says:

    if you type the title in English please make the video also in English

  18. SIMPLE'DAYS says:

    What kind of woods are they?

  19. El mico says:

    Swinging that axe in bare feet…..

  20. japanese tools, sub in russian, English title. bruh

  21. why are the subtitles in Russian

  22. Nick Mucc says:

    Title says: 3 ancient hand tools Japanese carpenters still use…. WHY THE FUCK ARE HALF OF YOU SO FUCKING DUMB. its not saying only they use them, its not saying they created them, its not even saying a single stupid thing some of you fucktards come up with….. READ WORDS, THATS WHY THEY ARE THERE, FOR CONTEXT, STOP MAKING SHIT UP.

  23. Adam White says:

    I admire the craftsmanship but that God for power tools

  24. Joe Hanna says:

    And then they invented Makita… the end of it all…

  25. Nebur Nynhs says:

    Since when are Broad Axes Japanese? lmao

  26. e haunter says:

    where can I get one of those beautiful jackets though?

  27. why are so many people butthurt about the carpenters using tools similar to what other cultures used in the past?

  28. mr Junior says:

    every body has that shit arround the world

  29. My wife somehow manages to buy toilet paper that thin. But think of the money we save!

  30. I wonder how many people will have the same comment just so they feel like theirs was the one that really hit it on the mark.

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