Aluminium recycling – How it works by Norsk Hydro

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December 22, 2016
For Your Consideration: A Variety of Timeless Wrought Iron Corbels
December 23, 2016

Transforming scrap aluminium at Hydro Aluminium Recycling in Dormagen, Germany, for use in cars, packaging, electronics and buildings turns waste into new products and saves energy in the process.

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We are a global supplier of infinite aluminium with activities throughout the value chain, from bauxite to finished aluminium products.



  1. Er det Tony Hawk som snakker eller?

  2. SKINGRIPZ HG says:

    Guy at 9:02 is really excited…

  3. abobjenkins says:

    smizzle duman slitzen undaghan!

  4. Very interesting and informative video.

  5. wait i went from a pewdipie vid tot this wtf

  6. This is the art of recycling. This needs more views.

  7. osicar leo says:

    that is great machine . but how to recycling The Waste Sn ?

  8. osicar leo says:

    but how to separate Waste Metal Sn ?

  9. Watching One-outs, i saw Tokuchi drink a can of soda… now i am here…

  10. Romgenas says:

    So, passing X-ray machine, your production is RADIOACTIVE now! I dont wanna use it!!!

  11. 6:04 this is fucking amazing.

  12. Do you have any video with UBC (used beverage cans) without use of primary aluminum in the recycling process? There are two different alloys: AA3104 for body can (CBS: can body stock) and AA5182 for pull tab (CES: can end stock). The chemistry is lower than window frames that is AA 6000 series.

  13. richkingb01 says:

    aluminium has two "i"s in it.. its not now nor has it ever been called aluminum. learn to say it how its spelt!

  14. This is amazing. The government should invest into plants like these. Eventually we are going to be out of raw resources, and only have recycled scraps to work with. I'm sure millions of tons of metal sits in land fills, but this process could be applied to all metals (with varying difficulty) to minimize waste at an extreme level.

  15. asia911 says:

    No wonder there's not a lot of places recycle. It's pretty a complex to separate these without proper machines and tools.

  16. Window frames, window frames, window frames

  17. alan30189 says:

    You would think each alloy would melt at a different temperature than aluminum and with the aluminum in the mix melting first, it could then be sloughed off, then the remaining batch would be heated further to melt off copper and other metals.

  18. kevin O says:

    To clarify to anyone that thinks Aluminum is just Aluminum and believe "hundreds of Alloys" are used to create one type, you are mistaken. Aluminum has dozens of grades, properties and characteristics! All grades require different blends of other alloys/minerals/metals etc to get the right properties. Which add up to hundreds of different properties. Some are better for airplanes, some better to machine, some better for salt water etc.. You get my point!

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