Bowl carving with hand tools (ASMR)

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June 17, 2017
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June 19, 2017


  1. Ve Scazuzo says:

    Do you reuse the leftover wood, like flakes for example, for something? forgive my inglês

  2. Elco Reano says:


  3. SuperNoVa says:

    ASMR in the title, proceeds to slam some wood with an axe 10/10

  4. kapsyg says:

    Great vid. So can you use freshly chopped wood and dry it out in a bag? How long did you have to dry it for?

  5. Lilly O says:

    That's the handyman youl'd like to have in your house!!!

  6. Sucks to your assmar.

  7. охуенные приспособы

  8. Darci Correa says:

    Parabéns. muito. lindo

  9. Who else saw that he spelled because like Becuse

  10. GAME NUKE says:

    this is not a asmr you dump pies of Shit

  11. bro do u even know what ASMR is?

  12. might be a stupid question, but do u sell these bowls, i would love to have some, they are beautiful

  13. Please make more of these

  14. Congratulations, for your talent.!

  15. Huge wood working designs on WoodBuilderPlans,com pass it on

  16. Maria Silva says:

    Magnific ! Fantastic ! Beautiful ! Good job !
    Abraços aqui do Brasil !

  17. iTsCori says:

    this is so oddly satisfying

  18. John Smith says:

    Very nice bowl. I recommend you invest in a hoof rasp, about $35 here. You will find a lot of uses for it in woodworking. It hogs great, and can smooth like a power sander also. I make kitchen utensils and functional wood art, and it is one of my main hand tools. Easy to use, and a real time saver.

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