Build a DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

Woodworking Lesson One: The Dovetail
December 19, 2016
Building a Reclaimed Wood Tabletop
December 19, 2016

a simple and inexpensive way to build an industrial pipe shelving unit…

free step by step plans here:

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  1. Love your reason for the stuffed cats

  2. Bahahha!!! I freaking love your humor. As StreetKingz said… Like a boss!!!
    Thanks for the simplicity , it inspires newbies like me!!

  3. davethepak says:

    Thnaks for the vid – very clever using the split rings – although I would be curious about their long term load bearing capability for heavier stuff on the shelf.

    As others have mentioned you can use tape, or stacking two pieces of wood together to avoid tear out.

    Love the dry humor as well….so many channels are just bad as some people try too hard to be funny, and it just falls flat.

  4. You're awesome. Thanks for making these videos!

  5. Jesus Felix says:

    Great videos thanks for sharing. To prevent tear out on the bottom the boards clamp a scrap piece of wood on the bottom side of the board you will be drilling a hole into. I believe someone else already mentioned it when the point of the bit pops out on the bottom end of the board flip the board over and finish the hole that way. Another could be speed I had destroyed a few shelves because my speed on the drill was way to fast. Hope this helps :)

  6. Elaine RP says:

    Hi, Rick. Aguenta peso ou só objetos leves?

  7. Milk Plays says:

    New to your channel and I love your since of humor and your work. subbed!

  8. callyo says:

    idk why im watching these vids but i just love your humour so much

  9. J Penny says:

    That is really an awesome project. You stop the tear out by putting a small piece of wood on the bottom of your holes. That will stop that..

  10. Paul Cooley says:

    What about holding Books?

  11. Jack`s Made says:

    Wow, thanks for the video!! very useful, I`ll try to use split rings in the next project with pipes.

  12. Something is crooked. Not sure if it's the shelf or the tripod or the floor but it looks way off on a big screen. Looks good though. #constructivecriticismnotbeinadick

  13. Daniel Smith says:

    I built a coffee table using black piping as the legs and reclaimed pallet wood as the tabletop…i do have on issue though. How do i get that grimy grease of of the pipe. Ive tried everything.

  14. shakenbake says:

    i have the same issue with those bits! they make better ones but at 3 times the cost but worth the end result. great work thanks for making the vids!

  15. Kathy Perez says:

    But cats are adorable !!

  16. Bo Biscuit says:

    Lol u made my day man

  17. scorpiomaj27 says:

    Very cool, any reason you don't use the hex key type galvanized steel pipe? It should be much cheaper.

  18. You were cracking me up in this! ha ha

  19. Tasha Penn says:

    Overall how much did this cost to make ?

  20. is it just me or i think you look like Avi from pentatonix.

  21. @DIYwithRick to help with the tear outs when drilling put another bit of scrap wood under where you're drilling obviously you have to keep moving the scrap every new hole.

  22. JEMYSTICAL says:

    Hey Rick! Your background music is way too loud and distracting! It does not allow for listening to you.. Something to ponder on.

  23. JEMYSTICAL says:

    Shelf looks real good!! Nice stuff kitties… Please lower Music. All in all.. Good Video!

  24. No longer shall I let my adult freedoms hinder my shelf construction.

  25. You have the same sense of humour I do… you crack me up.
    The tear out… clamp another board tightly to the bottom and drill right into it.

  26. Chris Moore says:

    You put a scrap of wood on the bottom to prevent the tear-out.

  27. You didn't mention how you measured for the hole. In order to end up with shelves relatively close to the wall, how do you figure out how far from the edge to drill?Thanks

  28. Sam Anderson says:

    Try putting a piece of scrap wood underneath your project to prevent blow out

  29. Son, you ain't right. No really. You ain't right.

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