Fun Ways to Use Bar Chairs in the Family Room

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September 27, 2017
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Who doesn’t need extra seating in their family room? Guests stop by to watch the game. You’re hosting a wedding shower. Your children have friends visiting for a sleepover. Whatever the occasion, you will be ready if you have bar chairs on hand. Bar chairs are useful because they are comfortable for seating but still have a small footprint, and they can add a great burst of colour and design to a room.

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In this post we’re focusing on bar chairs with seat backs. The family room is a spot where you might choose chairs over stools, because they have more support for longer sitting periods. Bar chairs can be less versatile for storing than stools, but they make more of a visual impact. We also have an article on using bar stools outside the kitchen if you’re leaning in that direction.

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Here are some great ways to incorporate bar chairs into your family room space.


Bar Chairs at Your Counter Island

Nowadays, many kitchens are connected to the family room area of the home. And that may mean that you have a family table or island just waiting for the perfect bar chairs.

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Think of how the bar chairs will look in your family room. Do you want a rustic look or something more modern? Do you want the chairs to blend into the counter area or stand out? How many bar chairs comfortably fit at the counter area? Ideally you should allow 30 inches for each seating space. You can determine the number of bar chairs you need by measuring your counter length and then dividing by 30 inches.


Bar Chairs as an Art Piece or Design Element

No one wants to hang out in a boring family room. A well-designed family room has at least one focal point. The focal point should be dominant and draw one’s attention.

This room incorporates bar chairs as a major style element. The chairs are functional and fun, and they elevate the design with eye-catching flair.

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We would include EcoChic Fin & Tonic Bar Chairs in this category of art furniture. As you can see from the photo at the top of this article, our reclaimed wood bar chairs are bright and original, providing a stylish anchor for family room décor.

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Bar Chairs as Extra Seating Along the Wall

If your family room has extra wall space, consider putting up a countertop with some interesting bar chairs. This countertop can serve as a work space, a bar area, or an additional eating area for your guests.

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Consider installing a folding table top if you do not have a lot of floor space, so you can flip the table top up when you need it. You can also look for folding bar chairs that can be stored when not in use.


Bar Stools at a Console Table

When using a sofa table or console table, consider adding bar chairs. This combination is a great way to add extra seating and flexibility to the table.

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With the bar chairs at the console table, the table can now function as a desk or games table. The bar chairs can be tucked up against the console table when not in use.


We hope you’re convinced that bar chairs are not just for the bar area in a family room. When you’re looking for ways to incorporate extra seating without taking a lot of space, bar chairs can be just the ticket. And when you choose reclaimed wood bar chairs with a bright color and unique finish, they work as an extra design element in your space.


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