How To Cut a Dado With Hand Tools – Woodworking Joint

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December 24, 2016
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December 24, 2016

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The Dado is a simple joint that is often over thought and made to be complicated. In all honesty, it is simple and can often be cut by hand faster than any dado stack can be put into a table saw.

in the last video I showed off a simple through Dado. this is the next step the Stopped Dado! in all reality it is not that much more difficult but can be just as simple.

This Hand Tool cut joint is made with a Hand Saw, Chisel and Hand router. with just a simple blade I can show you How to make a joint that can last a lifetime.

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  1. Thanks for the info James!

  2. DrCRAZY says:

    Hmpf. I need a router plane…

  3. Slap Stick says:

    I hope you stick with this new intro! The last one made my ears bleed with the over the top hillbilly music. The volume was set way too high. This one is perfect!

  4. Felix Espana says:

    Nice new intro……

  5. Doc Darkness says:

    Great explanation on technique James , though is was expecting. You to open with " Dado oh Dado, Daylight come and me wanna go home" ;)

  6. James what do you think about dado plane? Nice new intro

  7. Can you show in a future video how you did the layout lines, both the first line to establish the where the dado is and then the second line that establishes the width of the dado?

  8. Riley Dirckx says:

    Congrats on being on youtube for a year.

  9. Jeff Rogas says:

    Yea… like the way the picture looks old on the intro…. and there is that lovely Stanley Manual Router! Thanks James…

  10. Ahhh
    Very nice not a overload of way too load Hillybilly Music today. Love the new Intro !!

  11. That's cool i've been thinking about grabbing a log and dadoing (is that a word?) 2x4s into it for legs and use it for a carving block

  12. Can't wait to hand cut my next Brent Spiner

  13. Thanks for the demonstration, James. What brand of apron do you wear?

  14. Nicely done James! Great video!

  15. Jim McNett says:

    I like the new intro. I want to thank you. I have learned so much from watching your videos.

  16. JoshL says:

    If you cut a dado in a dodo bird, does it become a dado bird?

  17. JoshL says:

    How do you determine dato depth when it is supporting something like a shelf?

  18. nice work James you made that look simple but I'd still wouldn't want to cut one by hand LOL. great job very informative.

  19. hi James, out of curiosity would you still use you chisel to remove the bulk waste on a Dado that is longer than your chisel blade? or would you jump right into a Dado plane?
    or something else.

  20. Nice work! James, . >:)…JP

  21. Been there, done that. But for a dado in a wide board the saw doesnt work that well. I tend to cut all with a chisel, do you do that too?

  22. Nicely done, is as it is :)

  23. Every time I watch, I learn something.

  24. Nice !!!!
    Im diggin the Podcast too :-)

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