Making a Reclaimed Barnwood Coffee Table

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December 16, 2016
A Friction Fit Shooting Board – Made from recycled material – A Woodworking Project
December 16, 2016

Watch as I assemble a tabletop from reclaimed barnwood and attach it to a metal frame welded by Grant Sayian.
The wood started as a 12′ x 12″ beam and appears to be douglas fir. It was collected and given to me by my friend John Hirko for the express purpose of making a coffee table.
The video picks up after I have already ripped and cut the wood to size.



  1. Te ha quedado muy bien, me ha gustado es un gran trabajo. Gracias por compartir, saludos desde Barcelona

  2. Josh James says:

    Beautiful table man. Where did you get the branding iron with your logo on it made?

  3. Josh James says:

    I Love barn wood projects. I use biscuits my self and can't wait to get a domino though.

  4. Brewmaster C says:

    Excellent work, I recently took down an old barn on my channel with my truck.. Vids like this give me great idea of future projects.. Thumbs up!

  5. Tom Esa says:

    Отличный стол, особенно идея для столешницы. Прекрасная работа.

  6. D.O. U. says:

    one more for me please 😀 😀 good job friend

  7. Make a big one as an earthquake refuge?

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