Making a Wood and Metal Side Table

I’m a Maker Because…with John Malecki
December 16, 2016
Reclaimed Wood Wall Design Ideas
December 16, 2016

Industrial style side table using reclaimed pallet wood and metal.

The wood was stained then treated with a clear satin finish. The metal was brought to a semi-bright finish using flap discs supplied by United Abrasives. After the metal was cleaned it was then treated with a paste wax to resist fingerprints and prevent rust.



  1. Alex Liaskos says:

    what do you call those wedge looking pieces at the corners? I really enjoyed watching this btw, it was pretty self explanatory what you were doing, so no need for instructions imo

  2. sick…… I like that

  3. muonwap says:

    What did you use for the rivets look? did you cut those down? Thanks!!

  4. Good job. These came out real nice.

  5. james boyd says:

    love the epoxy idea with the pallet wood. it still looks rustic and at the same time looks very smooth with no compromise on either side.

  6. Nicely done Brandon. Congratulations

  7. Scott Turner says:

    Love the look, nice job! That Pallet wood scrubbed up pretty darn good!

  8. Tradstone701 says:

    great skills and result! but work on the video technics and choose another music!

  9. What kind of welding machine is this

  10. TT OKC says:

    Couldn't tolerate the music long enough to get to the end of the video.  Guess I'll never know how it turned out.

  11. Yvan Roy says:

    Wow, you made a lot of those little false rivet gusset plates. They really dress up the project, nice work.

  12. Larry Wright says:

    Great job. Just wondering what you call them little half round pieces, that you welded in the corner plates? Thanks

  13. jimmy may says:

    I like the tunes

  14. Jordan D says:

    Awesome man! Inspiring me to up-skill my welding :p

  15. What kind of rivets do you use?

  16. Forgive my ignorance but are you spot welding or mig welding? I can't tell.

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