Reclaimed wood coffee table – recycled 500 year old oak DIY

Chain Art Furniture by Raymond Guest
December 17, 2016
Entertaining Essentials: Drink Tables
December 18, 2016

Some 500 year old sea defence timbers are repurposed as a rustic coffee table (along with a couple of pieces of an old whiskey barrel)



  1. Huron Chica says:

    Ejerce do you find, Wood like that

  2. havachukl says:

    Hard work I know, very nice finished product though, well done pal.

  3. Leo Saha says:

    Yes! This is just what I needed, thanks so much! I couldn’t ask more after freely downloading Woody Hyezmar's Bible, google it, it's still available.

  4. Bv791510 says:

    Very nice. Love the look

  5. Incredible! I at last have my fantasy shed..and what, couldn't believe the time and cash the entire work spared me [Link Here==[ ]. This is the best I've ever run over.

  6. what where you rubbing into the timber at the end?

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