Reclaimed wood Coffee Table

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December 13, 2016
Recycled Barn Wood Crates – Reclaimed Woodworking Projects
December 13, 2016


  1. What are those red metal arrows called? to square up your work and the model of the dewalt chop saw that cut your metal?
    Such nice work man.
    Really top quality!

  2. Phillip King says:

    Looks cool but I got spooked watching the hoody strings get close to the Blade

  3. cj18 says:

    aside from the metal finish its perfect

  4. Great looking piece.
    But you may run into issues with cracking…
    Your tangential grain in pretty severely constricted on both ends & twice in the center with the glued & nailed batons.

  5. José Torres says:

    Beautiful!!! Please. Which it is the model of the saw dewalt? Thanks!!!

  6. Alex Inqui says:

    Dude, be careful with hoody straps and table saw!

  7. Kermit says:

    What were you rusting that metal with?

  8. Liu Alice says:


  9. I recently subscribed to your channel and I want to tell you that I love what you do!
    Greetings from Bulgaria

  10. I loved watching this video. Gave me a few ideas. Loved what you did with the metal to create that rusty look. May I ask what mixture you used to create it?

    Thanks !

  11. Ayush g says:

    full sleeves and no pusher on tablesaw?? cringe table looks nice.

  12. Ronie Curry says:

    Cool I watched all your works dude

  13. Burak B says:

    Great video man! You have inspired me to finally build my rustic pc desk I have been wanting for many years. What did you spray over the wood that you sanded back?

  14. looks great man i love it. what exactly do you spray on your steel to give it that rusted look?

  15. Drewplays says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  16. jon hayward says:

    Fantastic job as always. That workshop set up makes me very jealous.

  17. Alex Gipas says:

    cool tomorrow I will start to make it..thanks from greece..y are brother..

  18. fantastic job!! I loved congratulations !! can you tell me the model closes sensitive that you used to cut the metal? Thank you. saludos desde argentina

  19. Hey. Great job! How do you cover the workpiece from a spray?

  20. what were you spraying on the metal

  21. Yibas Inc says:

    Excellent build! What dimension of steel tubing is that?

  22. What's that finish on the tabletop? I got curious because of the spraying method and no mask ;)

  23. Scott says:

    I watch your videos with the Benny Hill Theme song playing.

  24. That made me very nervous when you were cutting in the beginning and ur hoodie strings were getting close to the blades

  25. ksvensen says:

    What do you spray the metal with?

  26. jimgam730 says:

    Wow!!!! That's really beautiful. Great job. What did you use to rust the metal?

  27. propre et soigné beau travail respect

  28. David Moreno says:

    awesome build as always , i noticed you glued 2 pieces of wood to the bottom of the table,will that be an issue when the top contacts/expands due to climate change?

  29. Krunal Patel says:

    Dude I can watch your videos for yours! Great job, where can we buy this stuff?

  30. morgand7000 says:

    what are you spraying on the wood at 4:00 min?

  31. What did you spray on an wipe off to get that pitons look on the metal.

  32. Patina look on the metal

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