Reclaimed wood mirror frame

Handmade Sculpture & Furniture by Gatski Metal
December 19, 2016
Stephanie’s Playroom Inspiration & Design Board
December 19, 2016


  1. Good work! love your setup.#SICK

  2. Andre Campos says:

    Besides not using a push stick as mentioned by others, what's with the spring clamp on the blade guard! Not that we all haven't done it, or something similar. cough But in a teaching video….

  3. JASON PUSZ says:

    wow man that's awesome !

  4. Wish I could be this talented. awesome bro! -From Dallas, tx

  5. i love all your projects…genius!

  6. Thats some cuttin gluein and screwing for a mirror…theres less holding my house up : )
    nice job though.

  7. Mohd. Zahir says:

    jerk use some push stick..scary

  8. smilo75 says:

    this guy is the best….he has got tools for everything

  9. Ed T says:

    very nice work. inspirational!

  10. Your tools are most impressive!! I would love to come work in your shop for a day!!

  11. Very well made! Your clamps are impressive!! Your workmanship is exemplary.

    However, don't be macho about safety. No goggles, no earmuffs, no push stick. This part is amateur. Does it take deafness, blindness, and fingers chopped off to learn about safety? Real pros don't take chances. Those who do, have a secret death wish.

    We would not want to see such a good woodworker being injured or blinded. Be safe.

  12. Forget the picture frame, I want this guys shop.

  13. Grace Ng says:

    Drooling over your tools!

  14. Beautiful. In the construction process would you do anything different if this mirror were going on a 3 season porch, not in direct contact with the elements, in a 4 season climate?

  15. mahis Mahis says:

    travail dangereux

  16. so Simple , so NICE!

  17. great work, I like your style ;)

  18. PintoBlades says:

    Damn that hydraulic or compressed air table is the bomb!

  19. PintoBlades says:

    Came out real nice!

  20. You do some awesome stuff with this wood. I made some pallet wood shelves for a customer in one of my videos and they look like total crap in comparison to your stuff haha.

  21. have you  a video more faster,then this one,then I no I,m learning nothing from you

  22. cosssio says:

    Awesome job and tools… However this is the clear definition of complacency…

  23. Omer Afzal says:

    awesome stuff really love it. please use some push stick for your table saw. so dangerous dear.

  24. Ava Price says:

    What are the clips called that you used to secure the mirror in place with the backing?

  25. That frame is bullet proof! Very Nice.

  26. Janice Woods says:

    I hope you don't lose a finger.

  27. Nice job, what's the hanging bracket called you use

  28. Adam K says:

    So the wood was free… How much did the shop cost?

  29. Ha! Published on my bday last year. Just what I wanted. Beautiful!

  30. NIC WATSON says:

    Very nice dude.
    I dove into the comments to see the safety police lose their shit- and they did not disappoint lol. Bunch of Nazis… coffee is hot, blades are sharp, need a damn warning label on a water bottle as a drowning hazard.

  31. directorgtr says:

    Hey buddy watched all your vids a few times now. Love your work. Wondering if you're planning on creating more videos? I'd actually like a shop tour. I'm very interested in the machines you use.

  32. Jason Allen says:

    Man thanks for sparing all the bs blah blah blah. great work! Quick question, Can I borrow all your shit? lol got it goin on playboy

  33. Anon Anon says:

    the original mirror looks like an antique

  34. wrecked4life says:

    great work my man! I really enjoy your videos… I'm really impressed with that system you use to hang the mirrors on the wall… Sorry you're getting assaulted buy the safety police LOL

  35. gradeez says:

    Exceptional tools. Exceptional talent. Exceptional workmanship…. and exceptional stupidity for the ignorance on safety!!!!!!

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