recovery (salvation) of the u-boat 534

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July 13, 2017
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  1. Duke Moose says:

    Such a shame that people refuse to learn from the fact that War is not the answer.

  2. Something's very wrong about this, they should have found more, the package is being hidden from us.

  3. NOTABOOS says:

    "Salvation"?? Is it going to heaven?

  4. Adverts and poor sound quality. Poor show thumbed down. Even so I am going to go and see it is only an hour away.

  5. This U-boat belongs in Germany…

  6. Jim Meshtick says:

    love me some National Geographic!

  7. it would be Nice to see a functioning restored u boat, like they do with tanks and planes

  8. Juggernaut30 says:

    I think recovery is the wrong word. Raised,left as a tourist attraction (not a war monument) and then destroyed by idiots would fit better!

  9. the artist says:

    This video acts like it's as old the era it's talking about!

  10. This is fine i van reed iT because iQ ma dutch

  11. Why the footage of US aircrews being briefed and a USAAF Liberator taking off and airborne in a documentary about an RAF operation?

  12. Judging by the Nat Geo bit early on, it seemed the rest of the video was gonna be a German language version. Fortunately it's in English because mi no habla Deutsch!

  13. keegan773 says:

    Did the German sailor get his suitcase back?

  14. You can see how happy the old Nazi is to get back into his killing machine.

  15. Neko Atheist says:

    You can tell this documentary is from the 90s because of the Electro pop full of old dead memes in the breaks

  16. Whats with the Comercials? Electro Pop looks fun though…

  17. Jeff Rog says:

    My Aunts father served on the U534. She remembers Commander Nollau bouncing her on his knee.

  18. Harald Huber says:

    Just wanna watch 38:55 😀 .

  19. huwaif says:

    30,000 dead men and boys died fighting in the u-boats. May God rest their souls. Seig Heil White Men!

  20. War , the pain and suffering are felt by both sides , I have respect for both , for they were only answering their country's call to arms . They weren't politicians , they deserve respect .

  21. Jens Knapper says:

    Ist noch eine darauf! ja Eva braun ist darauf haha

  22. Such a shame, if I were one of those vets I'd have asked for one of the 37mm rounds, or at least one of the mags, just for a replica!

  23. Thema verfehlt, 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. TheSeer101 says:

    I wonder if they will ever find a German alive in one of these u boats?

  25. 144 sailors go out, 72 couples come back!

  26. what's long and hard and full of seamen? a U-boat!

  27. As a war machine, men were killed on board, drowned or what have you. Man kind should leave these ships and subs alone, for respect of the sailors and crewmen on the subs, and war. Look yes, don't touch, so many have forgotten what their parents used to say

  28. I wonder what damage they did to the marine life that has used that uboat for 50 years. Leave the other two uboats alone, don't raise them, you are doing damage to the marine life and this planet is already on a knife edge of destruction or should I say self destruction.

  29. Ystadcop says:

    US LIberator.
    Ah, American channel.

  30. skoko1945 says:

    @40:44 any one want a coke ?

  31. Alex Young says:

    Australia, greatest Communist country in World….

  32. d W says:

    stand by for boom 39:00

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