REMEMBER SALVAGE? | Destiny (Rise of Iron)

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December 24, 2016
How To Cut a Dado With Hand Tools – Woodworking Joint
December 24, 2016

Remember Salvage? The one game mode that only the sweats played in. It went missing since Rise of Iron Launched, but this week it returned!

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The Tower Bar #1 – My Fiancee:

XUR Sold the Suros Regime!:


REMEMBER SALVAGE? | Destiny (Rise of Iron)



  1. LR Osborne says:

    no shave November bless?

  2. codimis says:

    idk man it looked like you had a lot of shots that weren't registering.

  3. This had me in stitches. Awesome video, bro.

  4. Somehow I have a diamond elo in salvage.

  5. The Gecko says:

    Hey Bless. If it makes you feel any better, that twerking guy is number 3 in the world on Destiny Tracker

  6. mystikmeg says:

    I LOVE the moment at 3:52. Classic Bless

  7. mystikmeg says:

    OMG 5:06 I just released a little wee

  8. 1225tdnelson says:

    Salvage is trash because the re-spawn points are awful. With only 30 seconds.. if you get placed on the other side of the map, they can easily defend it.

  9. if i were blessious i would have reported everybody on the apposing team with out hesitation

  10. Jordan Cox says:

    that's what happens when u have fun in destiny

  11. Soren Nissen says:

    Hi Blessious! most other streamers wouldn't show that sort of game and that's why i watch you. it's all fun. keep them coming.

  12. I've only ever had like 3 solid salvage matches. This was a playlist I intentionally avoided because it's just a game mode where people not in the top 5% go to die.

  13. Bro you don't have idea of what people you played TWERKING000 is in the top 10 best pvp players in the world and the n1 in italy

  14. blackthanos says:

    Hilarious video man. I was mad that I missed Salvage in last weeks playlist until I saw this. Now I feel like I just may have spared myself a whole lot of

  15. gingaaa says:

    I have honestly never noticed that salvage isn't there anymore. haha

  16. Kelly Myers says:

    That was a lot like my last Salvage Match

  17. Bird Bazza says:

    What's the song in the background bless

  18. They don't have to manually place the relics in, just like you can play rift on anomaly, it automatically does it.

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