June 15, 2016
Custom Wood Inlay Banding
November 14, 2016

When we thinjewerly-box-pick of recycled wood we often think on a large scale.  Flooring, paneling and picture frames.  But the craftsmanship that has been handed down through the years can be seen in the small details.

Just like a seamstress that pieces together bits of leftover fabric to make that beautiful one of a kind quilt, wood crafters can do the same. Many times the wood is several different layers of wood that are glued together then cut into a slice.  Sometimes it is little pieces fit together.

This is a picture of a hand-crafted jewelry box.  The patience it takes to puzzle all of the little fragments of wood is remarkable.  What is even more amazing is that the man who created this box is 98 years old.

So, whether you are using several different kinds of wood to make your floor or even different finishes you will create a unique look of your own.

Check out the video page for an inlay that is to die for!  Oh and please be careful, come away with all fingers in good shape!

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