The Reclaimed Wood Shop (the power of the dark side)

Furniture Design from Hurricane Katrina Reclaimed Wood
December 16, 2016
I’m a Maker Because…with John Malecki
December 16, 2016


  1. gthornock says:

    Very well done sir!

  2. pccalcio says:

    The copyright strikes must be strong with this one. Patience you must have, my young youtuber. Yoda out.

  3. Jay Davis says:

    Love the cinematography! And the shop looks awesome!

  4. Jason M. says:

    wow! very original and the wood work looks good to. the effects added something fun to what could have been a boring tutorial of adding wood to the inside of a pole barn. A+

  5. Are you sure you r in the right business man?
    Go film making!

  6. Emdotreed says:

    Dang Dude! How creative! Shop looks good too! Thanks!

  7. I'm blown away by your video. You've combined education with entertainment and succeeded with both. Now you're left with a nice work space, unlike any other. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Quite enjoyable. Great work.

  9. DavurBeder says:

    that looks so nice and that timelapse was amazing +1 subscriber awesome work there!

  10. yokom zare says:

    What a creative and great Vid.  Love It

  11. Pretty kool video! The wood coloring was great!

  12. Marco Moriel says:

    Cool video Dude!! I'm subscribing….

  13. i smiled the entire time watching this video, made my day brother….great job

  14. Andrew Muhs says:

    amazing video. love the quality and fun it is

  15. Well that's just about the best I've seen in whole lot of while.

  16. Brilliant,thanks,count me in 🙂
    Greetings from N.Ireland……

  17. very enjoyable video. and a nice project idea, reuse what you can whenever you can.

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