November 29, 2016
Three Ways to Make Edge Joints
December 13, 2016


If you are a chef then you need mixers, spoons, knifes etc.  Or if you are a gardener you need shovels, rakes, and stakes.  The bottom line is every specialty needs the tools to get the job done.

Woodworking is no different.  It can be quite the challenge without the proper tools, and there are many.  So, I thought I would go through them all, starting with the basics and working my way up.

First off you have to cut the wood.  Man, has had to cut wood for some time. Early saws were made of flint but through the years to what we know of the hand saw made of metal the principal is still the same.  It uses a serrated edge used to cut through the wood with a back and forth motion.  Lots of elbow grease.  I bet those guys were in shape!

That is one reason we all love the power saw! It is less labor intense, faster and more efficient. However, don’t discount the hand saw.   It is great for a beginner.  It is also cheaper and when you have a smaller job to do can be just as useful.  And if you talk to your pros most will tell you that they still use a hand saw for many jobs.


This saw is on my wall.  I love it but don’t use it.  I bought it at a family auction and knew the people that did use this saw once upon a time.

I hope you tune in to see more about tools.  I will explore all woodworking tools every Tuesday!

Below I put on a video by Russell Miller.  Thanks Russell for sharing this great info!


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