Whiskey Bottle Lights

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January 5, 2017
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January 7, 2017

There is nothing quite like a good bottle of whiskey.  But when the party is over what a great light it makes.  I have a friend working on a cabin.  I will come back to the cabin a lot.  Now even though it is a long way from being completed lights have been a big subject.

The whiskey bottle lights give that rustic look as well as an industrial feel.  The pully that they are hung from is the spin wheel from a trundle sewing machine.  Sadly, the cabinet for the sewing machine was in too bad of condition to save.

The bottles came from a local brewery.  Notice that the writing on bottles are etched in. We tried to use bottles that had labels on them.   The result was that the light would get to hot and curl the edges of the labels.

Also, the is a knack for cutting glass bottles.  We broke many.  And even many more.   The nice people at the glass shop, you know the kind that fixes windows, cut them for us.  I have included a video on how to do it yourself.  Maybe you will have better luck!


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