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January 4, 2017
Barn Wood Projects
January 5, 2017

As I try to find inspiration for my projects it has finally dawned on me the Winter has set in here in Nebraska.  The is hills look barren and lonely to some people but I have always loved the stark beauty.  With the wind blowing, and it always blows, I wonder what the sound would be like in the trees.  Lucky for me I live near a forest.  So for a walk I go and the sound through the tall pines are amazing.  Muted and whispering just like all of the great descriptions you read or hear about.

As I walk along I notice all of the limbs and sticks that have fallen with the wind.  The natural shedding process has left me with an abundance of material to work with.

Stick Art is very big.  Think back to Lincoln Logs.  Sticks can be made into bird houses, picture frames and trim for bigger projects. With just a little glue or some small nails it can make for a fun and easy winter job.  Pictured is a plain wood picture frame with slices of sticks glued on.

You can slice your sticks up with just a hack saw for a small project like this if you do not want to get out the big band saw.  No matter which saw you use, be careful and sticks that are very dry tend to break or splinter.  Watch your fingers and always ware eye protection

I so love this little frame, so simple and yet it goes great with the old photo.

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