Woodworking hand tools for beginners

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December 18, 2016
Early English Manual Training Workbench
December 18, 2016

Hand tools you need to get started with woodworking in your garage. These are inexpensive and affordable. You don’t need a large budget, or a lot of space.

1. 12 inch Starett Square
2. Stanley 10-049 knife
3. Stanley No. 4 hand plane
4. Narex chisels
5. Diamond plate sharpening stones (DMT or EZ LAP) (250, 600, 1200 grit)
6. Leather strop
7. Chromium Oxide buffing compound
8. Pull saw (rip cut and cross cut)
9. Mallet (soft and hard faces for assembly)

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  1. Dude! You've commented on my videos a bunch of times.. I had no idea you had a channel. I was watching hand tool stuff so i can show james up and came across yours. This channel rocks! thanks for the info

  2. I'd say you can buy much cheaper combination square and tune it to perfect squarness and for money saved get a spokeshave and drill hand drill – those too are basic tools. Plus i believe flat plane soul does matter even on smaller planes, not only when you flatten the soul, you are polishing it a little, thus you will have less resistance from wood later, but also you are sure your boards are dead flat later, even minimal hollow on plane can prove gluing 2 boards together impossible because they will have 1mm hollow or camber in the middle.

    Oh…. and clamps, you can never have enough clamps!

    Other than that, really good list of tools (i prefer push saws, but that's only personal preference).

  3. This video is awesome. Thanks.

  4. Andrew Frudd says:

    I would suggest that a set of diamond stones is perhaps too much for a beginner. I got about £5 worth of wet and dry sandpaper for my carving gear. Nice video though

  5. Very Informative Video buddy! 10/10!

  6. I bought my combination square for 10pounds

  7. Kirk McBride says:

    I have bought some woodwork plans over the years, but this plan is the best so far among all my collections [Check Details Here⇒>☞★☞https://t.co/VDdPdA3doT]. The plans are not just numerous but they all have a clear and detailed explanations that a beginner can even use them comfortably.

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